Tork Tech 2v

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  1. Lol yeah that was a while ago. I was putting down 409, the tundra was on juice and was awd spraying off the line. I wanna say mid 500 hp and over wasn't a race from a was a murder haha. But on the move I'd pull. if we ran today I'd leave him easy with my set up now :). It was a quick truck when he sprayed.
  2. Thanks man!
    I went with the liberty built TKO600 to avoid the 3rd gear problem a lot of folks told me about. Havent had any issue finding 3rd (traction 1-3 is my issue now :( haha). The chatter was bad during breakin but now i hardly ever hear it.
    The set up has been an ongoing process (as any build is). I didn't want to make good power and be held back by the drivetrain so with some smooth talking too the wife mainly she allowed me to upgrade where i felt needed to be (tranny, clutch, rear). Wish i made more power (everyone does haha) but with the heads ported and the blower upgraded (or ported) in the summer months i'm sure i'll break 500 and be done with the engine (which is what i told her haha). I daily the car and its been my goal to have a 500hp+ clean daily with all the styling I want and full interior. But i'm focused on performance first, looks last.
  3. The talon was my first venture into modding. Got it from my brother when i was 15 and learned how to drive a 5 speed the same weekend. I just did the normal, intake and exhaust business. My bro had installed a fly/clutch upgrade. I had big plans for the car (turbo setup it was the ES model) but after the Trans went to S*** driving from pensacola to Laredo (limped it home missing 4th gear and 2nd) we donated the car and bought the 97 RS. I gave that Camaro HELL! Felt alot faster than it really was to me haha, best time was a 15.2! Joined the Marines and sold the car. Picked up the stang in 06 from a guy whos daughter moved to Europe and didn't want the car. Paid 10.5 i believe for it. Had just under 8K on it! Garaged kept, the interior/exterior was perfect....and the rest is history haha.

  4. Ha yea man im in the same boat, currently deployed and saving some money up, smooth talking to the wife to let me do a few things when i get back before mustang week, porb just suspension, built up rear and new clutch and couple other lil odds and ends here and there.

    Gotta try and decide on clutch setup, and i just finished paying off my GT so now i can really work, Its gonna need a new motor im pushing 150k here shortly but im getting the compression checked as we speak back home, last check at 130k i was within 3psi on every cylinder at 150psi i believe. I cant wait.
  5. Ahhh the deployment modding haha. I understand that itch man. Whats the prospects for your 2v?
  6. TeufelGT can you tell me all the pieces required to run the tork tech kit? Every odd and end and nook and cranny? I am looking for used vortechs for around 2000ish and am still looking but if I can piece together a tork tech kit and don't have to go crazy looking I will consider it. So can you tell me all the pieces required all the way down to the last bolt?

  7. well right now, I just picked up soome 18x9/10 chrome saleens with nitto 555 up front 255, and 305 M/T radials in the back, IM about to order a tuner, but cant decide between the handheld SCT or the livewire, i might go diablo just because JPC is onily about 35 min from me in MD and they use Diablosport. On top of that built rear with strange axles arp studs etc, tubular Kmember, prob UPR i trust them, along wtih finishing all the bolt ons and a new SPec or RAM clutch then ill be happy for awhile with that. After that with my motor having about 150k ill just be sitting on it till it pops, and spring for a MMR or JPC built motor, but if the compression looks good i might just throw a vortech on it. Im gonna get a probe and look inside the cylinders when i get home.

    Prob gonna make my own build thread when i start getting down to ordering parts.
  8. Installed a new thermostat and coolant. Also burped the ic and serviced it as well. Blower is running much cooler, car feels strong!

    Going to change the Trans fluid soon and throw in a new tob since the spec is squalling a little. Those specs are garbage...still need to tackling the door actuator still. My wife thinks the car drives me instead of me driving the car haha.
  9. This was a few nights back.
    Kind of a uneasy feeling when you are breaking the tires loose 60+...But than again my NT05's never gripped before. No speed shifting, just an easy 3/4 punch.

    Anyways just thought i'd post it up.
  10. If i wasnt watching the video and just heard it. I would think you were filming in a dentist' office with a 747 doing a flyby. LOL jk man. Nice car.
  11. HAHA yeah man the roots blowers just scream .
  12. :drool:
    love the sound....good to see you have it up and running :nice:
  13. Thanks man. Whats been up with your ride? Any new additions or track times?
  14. Nothing new at all......Been siting in the garage since OCT...:( NE Ohio weather FML!
    I did just buy some SLP powerflo mufflers from Ebay to replace my LMIIs........want to quite it
    down some so I can hear the blower better.....:)
  15. That sucks man. Bet you're inching for some seat time in your ride! I hear you the lm2s scream man.
  16. Yep... I feel your pain, **** ohio weather.
  17. Been MIA for sometime now. Just bought my house so car parts have stop being ordered until christmas...which will be something BIG!

    In other news I built my own smoker system to find some exhaust and vacuum leaks in the stang. Ill be doing a write up/how to, ps professional smokers run 700 plus...mine was under 70 bucks and works like a charm!