Tork Tech Gt Dyno Vid!

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  1. Ended up making 405rwhp and 425rwtq. Maxed out my fuel pump at 5500rpm, so once i get a boost a pump il be heading back to the dyno.

    Also, my iats are high. So if anyone wants to give me some advice on getting these lower id appreciate it!

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  2. Blown 2V's FTMFW! :rock:
  3. That's bada$$ man.

    Just out of curiosity, what is your current fuel system setup?
  4. Just an svt focus 255lph i kinda thought i would need a boost a pump
  5. Meth will get you the extra fueling you need, and add a nice bit of power while reducing your IAT's a lot. I've gone up to 25% of my fueling needs being dependent upon methanol.
  6. I have the SVT Focus pump as well. I will being installing the 40 amp supercharged Boost a Pump before I move forward with headers and a smaller pulley. My tuner told me my pump is running at nearly 95% duty cycle and thats with a centri and around 370 rwhp. I figure its a worthwhile investment.

  7. yes it is. I went with the JMS powermax PM1000. My tuner recommended it over the KB BAP. He said that the KB BAP causes a spike in fuel pressure while the JMS unit slowly ramps in
  8. Superstang
    I just started a new thread in tech to figure out my next move on the BAP. If you get time, let me know what you know about the JMS. Ive looked at those too.
  9. Running dual ford gt pumps with a return style setup, bypassed the FPDM. Setup is rated at 750-800hp w/o a BAP.;)

  10. The wiring upgrade is going on my list. Thanks for the info, Nightfire.

    Tank, your car is sick and its frightening that your fuel system can accomodate such high hp levels.
  11. will do man!
  12. im still running a stock temperature thermostat, would changing to a 170 help my IATs?
  13. no
  14. I would run the T-stat down to a 170. My Kenne Bell kut came with a 160 T-stat. With my 160-stat the car runs around 180-190
  15. Tank or Handz.....ummm yeah, Im sure as hell going to take tanks advice.
  16. I am not saying the lower T-stat would help improve IATs (cause it wont), but running a stock 195 T-stat with a blower is just bad news and keeps the motor running at 210.

    Even a Lightning runs a 180 T-stat from the factory.
  17. switched to 170 t-stat
  18. when i step on my car in 2nd it spins the tires right to rev limiter(5500rpm right now due to lack of fuel) then when i shift to 3rd it has a bit of a hiccup then seems to run fine. While drive slow this doesnt happen. only at WOT. The tranny still shifts perfectly, its super smooth.

    Any ideas? Could it just be in the tune?
  19. It sounds like the tune and the lack of fuel is the issue. If it were me, I would try to stay out of the boost till the fuel issue was fixed.

    I have learned my lesson on rushing things... (old build)