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  1. It's been months but I'm finally heading to Delaware to Performance Evolution today. Pretty excited to see what the car can do. I dropped a pulley size to bump up to 10-11lbs of boost....I'll be reporting back later with numbers
  2. Stock internals?
  3. Yea.....figuring on right around 400hp
  4. First pull 410hp 418ftlbs torque having fuel issues....
  5. boost-a-pump time?
  6. First diagnosis was frps because under 11lbs boost seeing 29lbs fuel pressure....3 sensors all same result. Ecu sending correct voltages but pump output not lining up....29 lbs duty cycle 100% @ 4300rpm....so thinking internal leak...gonna replace pump and add bap go from there.
  7. Could it be blowing them? Might need the supermarket one that KB recommends.
  8. Blowing the rail sensors.....no.....they're obviously working properly mine and two ford sensors all gave same numbers..... It just seemed so coincidental that the pressure drop was equal to the max boost....I'm gonna pull the tank this week try and double check everything....work from there
  9. did you do the pprv delete? if not, you might as well while your in there.
  10. Pulled tank today...did pprv delete....seemed like pump was pushed up really high in its mount...so I lowered it down a bit in hopes it was restricting flow at the 90. Now I'm having problems data logging....
  11. Update.......finally got boost-a-bump in with svt pump....still 26lbs fuel pressure at wot. So at tuners suggestion I bought a new walbro factory replacement pump. Installed that (after breaking fuel sender....what a pain to solder that wire back on)....live logged and fuel pressure is stable at 39lbs at wot. Looks like I got a bum svt focus pump...last time I buy something for the car on eBay
  12. That sucks man. I hope you get that thing back on the dyno and all squared away..

    I bought my SVT pump off eBay...just depends on the seller I guess, or it was a POS from the start.
  13. Yea it appeared to be a new ford part (ford #s) but came in a plain white box.....coulda just been bad....oh well.
  14. how much hp did you make with the fuel issue solved?
  15. Set up a session for November 10th. I'm hoping to bump into the 420s.
  16. Sweet, need to record that thing and post it up! I've always liked them but fell into a deal for a Vortech..I'm sure you'll kill it especially if it is on a Dynojet. I hope you decide to switch to a capable Ford GT pump because I never really trust a stock pump with just a boost-a-pump.

    But, in the end it'll just blow the stock tires off which=a helluva lot of fun.
  17. Believe it or not Matt my tuner says he prefers the BAP's over pump swaps....he has a flow rate chart and stock pump with BAP flows like 274lph I think it is. And it is a blast. It'll roast the 315 nittos first gear normally grab second and they hook like crazy. The lift bars make s huge difference, only thing I don't like is they're solid mount with grease fittings
  18. Alright.....good morning....back on dyno! Best run 455hp 455ft/lbs torque....backed down timing to 14 degrees keep it safe....442hp 455ft/lbs torque!

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  19. Your numbers look almost identical to my old setup... I ended up throwing a boost a pump on.
  20. Nice numbers!
  21. I put on a boost a pump. Fuel pump 95% duty cycle with current tune