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  1. I'm just wondering, how high should I rev my stock 4.6 with the tork tech terminator kit on it?

    and what should I gap my NGK TR6 plugs at?

  2. Bump! Urgent guys! I'm going to be installing my plugs soon! I will be running 2.93 pulley if that helps!
  3. Kennebell says don't go past 6k. Personally I am ok with 6250. My plugs are set at .32
  4. Btw: those r the specs for a 9psi pulley on a stock shortblock with the inter cooled kennebell
  5. Does any one have a pic of the vacuum lines? Or can anyone tell me where they go?
  6. .032-.034 is what I have mine.

    The RPM depends on just how much more power your car is making past 6k and how fast you wanna go. My car's power peaks over 6300 rpm with the blower cams I have, so I'll take it to 6500ish at the track to get as much out of it as I can, and around 6200 on the street to keep it safe. But if your car peaks less than 6k, the risk/reward of going over that isn't nearly as much as if it was a little higher up.
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  7. thanks for the help!
  8. Use tr7s

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  9. I agree. 400-500rpm past peak power is really a good starting point for a car to shift. A lot of other factors come in to play with you curve, gearing, etc. but you don't want to shift at or before peak power.