Tork Tech supercharger

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  1. :shrug:

  2. Not bad sounds like a decent kit.

    I went from 229 to 350 on my little V1 kit right after I first installed it.. Then I changed the SC pulley and made 383. No intercooler 6 rib stock lower and upper intake stock exhaust manifolds. Mac prochamber and catback. My first setup was 3200 new.

    I feel that the S-trim is one of the best entry level SC made for the money as far as performance goes.. They have made as much as 620rwhp on the sohc
  3. Oh, I absolutely agree with you on the bang for the buck value and capabilities of the Vortech. I’m not trying to take anything away from it at all, but it’s a completely different set up with a completely different power curve. For those guys who want to feel their power as soon as they touch the pedal and make an extra 100lb/ft+ of torque before the tach sees 2,000RPM, it’s nice to know that there’s now another alternative to often expensive and sometimes lack luster performing Twin Screw and smaller Eaton based kits on the market......that’s all I was getting at. :)

    I wasn't trying to insinuate they were the best choice for everyone, but if a Positive Displacement set up is what you're after, I can't think of a better set up for a street car on the market right now?
  4. I know what you're saying. It's the not best, or the only alternative, but a good kit, with good performance, and priced right.

    I was just commenting, and putting my thoughts out there.

    A another point I'd like to make, is that it's so easy to upgrade with Vortech. You can go from a S-trim to a T-trim for only 500. That's if you don't replace the bearings and seals, and 1100 if you do. If you made the upgrade at purchase you wouldn't need the other components. (Wish I would have been aware of that when I made my purchase.:doh:) The YSI is a 2500 dollar upgrade and will mount on the same mount the S-trim does. While supporting up to 1100 hp. I like the fore thought that went into the design of the system.

    That's why I can also see the value of the the Tork Tech supercharger. A well thought out kit, at a more than competitive price.
  5. I called the guys at Tork Tech to get some info. VERY nice and VERY knowledgable. The blower on the standard kit from what I understood was not an Eaton. It's a Magnussen 112 Eaton style.
  6. I still don't want.
  7. I've been seriously look at this as my next upgrade. It is super affordable compared to the run-of-the mill KB or Vortech set up. How much would labor/install on one of these Torktech kits set me back?
  8. I had 3200 in my vortech brand new installed and running? I think it's a nice kit but its not the best deal. But is a cheaper than the KB.
  9. Best deal you're ever gonna find for a positive displacement blower.

    ...and $3,200 for you Vortech??? Does that include the tune and fuel components? I'd love to see a break down, considering everywhere else wants at least another $500-$700 more than that, for just their base, non intercooled kit?!? :scratch:
  10. No kit includes a dyno tune. I'm not considering what type of suppercharger. just which is the better deal regardless.

    I bought all this from muscle motors for 3200
    V1 tuner kit
    steeda powerpipe
    42lb ford racing injectors
    walbro 255 pump
    I used my stock maf.
    and a sct chip from jms

    Drove that way for six months. I have slowly been upgrading it ever since.

    You could go with

    2499.00 S-trim tuner kit from summit
    275.00 SCT chip from JMS
    252.00 42lb injectors from rpm outlet
    ..89.90 lightning maf ebay
    ..80.00 SVT Focus fuel pump.

  11. Agreed .. As usual, spot on assessment.

    Like you pointed out, everyone is so KB-centric having any level discussion about an alternative is impossible. Tracked the kit for a while and haven't changed my opinion.

    Good points Brian. :nice:
  12. I would assume that those Vortech kit prices are non-intercooled? I do see a $1700.00 inter cooler kit you can get that is sold separately. If inter cooled that $2500.0 would be a good price.
  13. I made over 400 non intercooled. Because Vortechs don't run as hot as a roots or twin screw. I have an intercooler now that I built for 400. So now your up to 3600 intercooler. I'm pretty sure that White99GT over at mod depot broke 500 non intercooled

    KB sells non intercooled kits.

    I'm at 520 now and hope to get little more when I retune Tuesday. Not bad for orginal start up cost of 3200. If you were willing to buy used you could do it even cheaper.
  14. so - how much does install of an SC usually run? I'm interested in the Tork Tech.
  15. It all depends on what part of the country you are in, and the prevailing shop rates/cost of living. This kit is raging between $750.00 and a $1000.00 install including some dyno tuning. 8-10 hours for the first time. 6-8 the second time and so on. Most shops that do S/C install and are used to doing them, it should be no issue.
  16. I'm always lurking on Stangnet, reading lots, posting very little. Today I have to jump in and give a big thank you to Brian for sharing his knowledge on the Tork Tech kit. As of this month my car is paid for and the Tork Tech kit has officially replaced the KB on my wish list when I make the big jump to FI.
  17. Over the past couple years the supply of Cobra blowers on ebay has been driving me insane because they are reasonably priced and completely useless to me...until today when I stumbled on the Tork Tech website.

    I agree the MP112 or a KB are superior to the Eaton, but with a stock bottom end I don't want crazy power...360 or so would be plenty for me and the Eaton has more than enough to supply the 6psi I would need. So the Tork Tech adapter kit looks perfect for my situation and I was wondering if anybody on here has used it.

    Oh, the other advantage is that I don't have to drop $5,000 all at once...I can do a lot of it piece by piece and sneak it under the large expense radar of my wife.
  18. i run a kennebell, and im impressed by the torktech.if i knew then, what i know now in terms of price vs performance, i probably would have went with the torktech... it was still a brand new kit when i decided to sink the money into a blower kit and i didnt know about its reliability, however i know of someone who runs the kit, and they have had no issues that i know of and they make more power, even though i have more mods... just some food for thought. although, let me be perfectly clear about one thing... i am very happy with my kenne bell.
  19. also the tork tech is upgradable, if i were to put 3 or 4 valve heads on my car i would have to replace the lower manifold on my kenne bell, where as the tork tech has adapter plates if im not mistaken...