Tork Tech supercharger

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  1. either way, a pd blower will make gobs of power and i know its comparing apples to oranges but i personally think that its better than going centrifugal, although its more expensive. It just depends on what your looking for in performance. and for you centrifugal guys, i do have a lot of respect for your cars, i just prefer the low end torque of a pd blower.
  2. From what I'm reading the Magnuson kit is upgradeable where the Eaton adapter is SOHC specific...either way it lets me get the SC on with a reasonable budget.

    The centrifugal SC's can make a ton of power, but I also want the low end boost as I only run the rpm up on occasion and would have far more fun with ungodly torque in the cruising range.

    Looking into what I need to source for the conversion I have a couple questions and I was wondering if anybody could help: Where is the factory heat exchanger mounted on Terminator Cobras? Also, what is the difference in the fuel pump on them, could I just replace my GT pump with one for a Cobra?
  3. Would any of you be willing to go in on a group purchase on the kits? I know a bunch of companies will knock a couple to a few hundered dollars off if 10 or more people order at once!!!! Any takers?
  4. The factory heat exchanger is mounted below and slightly in front of the front bumper, right about where the opening is between the fog lights. You ideally want to place it where its going to see the best, uninterrupted airflow.

    As far as the difference in fuel pumps go. That's where things are going to get a little pricey if you want to go with the Cobra set up. The Cobra utilizes a dual pump design and it (or an equivalent set up) should be considered mandatory if you're going to be shooting for much beyond the 425-450rwhp range. You also need the Cobra specific fuel tank to make the pumps plan on budgeting for that too if making big power is in the future.

    You may be onto something there, but you'd better run it past Site Administration before announcing any "group buy" purchases. They like to be notified and kept in the loop for liability reasons. :)

  5. I figured it would be nice to bring a list of people to them as a "business proposition or incentive" before i contact them!
  6. Gearbanger: Thanks for the info, at this point I am aiming for 350hp or so as I don't want to tax the stock bottom I'll either put in a higher flow pump or go to KB for the boost-a-pump. I'll figure out the intercooler specifics at that point as well, I was just curious of its location on the Cobra to see if I could get the factory brackets and mount one there as well...possibly a used one from a Cobra that upgraded.

    2V- I'm open to the idea of a bulk purchase so throw me in for the head count.

    Thanks for all the help!
  7. Anyone up for a group purchase shoot me a pm! I would like to have a list when i run the offer by them! I know MOST companies want 10 or more people.

    Not that its the same company but look what the lightning guys got offered:

    Very similar setup but Lightning owners.
  8. I think before you go "bumping" this up anymore, you should probably check with Tork Tech to see if they'll offer any sort of discount for group purchase. :shrug:

    If so, talk it over with Tim (timeless2) and perhaps he'll consider creating a sticky at the top of the Forum.
  9. If we cant get more than 3 people interested its pointless anyways:shrug:
    I have contacted them and am waiting for a call back!
  10. So, I talked to Bill @ torktech and he said that they would be very interested in working out a group purchase w/ discount! Im suppose to call him later on today to get the details! Anyone who might be interested let me know! Ill post the discount after i get through talking to him! This would be for the 99-04 terminator kit!
  11. Talked to bill....Have the details on a group purchase. PM me for details. He requested that it not be put as a sticky on any forum!
  12. Need 5 people for the deal to work!
  13. I'm ready. We need three more!
  14. im interested in purchasing this tork tech kit ..only question is its for the 99-04 terminator kit so thats the one for roughly $1900 without the blower