Torn between 2 cars for my ultimate dream Mustang

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Which do you pick...the '67 GT500 or the '69 Boss 429?

  1. 1967 Shelby GT500

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  2. 1969 Boss 429

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  1. I have a real passion for the classic Mustangs. I'll never own one but to me they're like a fine tailored suit on a pissed off MMA fighter. There's a look about them that says "all class and still kicks ass". I just can't decide which is ultimately my favorite.

    Do you go with the ever famous '67 GT500 (NOT Eleanor...screw that body kit disaster):

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    Or the brute powerhouse also known as the '69 Boss 429:

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    Try not to focus on the fact that the GT500 is lowered and has modern wheels on it. If you could have either, and we pretend that the Shelby isn't worth any more or less because of the name and both cars are worth the same and are equally rare or common....which would you pick?

    I'm leaning towards the Boss, but i really don't know if i could pass up the GT500. I don't care a lot for the hood on the GT500 and i don't really like the window scoops. That Boss just looks like a pissed off pitbull ready to strike.
  2. Boss 429, hands down. :D She's gorgeous, and looks downright mean.
  3. I went ahead and added more pics of each and added a lowered/wheeled version of the Boss to make it even :D
  4. didn't even have to think about it, BOSS 429. One of... if not the best looking nastiest mustangs made :hail2:
  5. Shelby, any day. Granted, my dad collects them, and we've had 6 or 7 over the years (including a '67 GT500)....but I'm biased!
  6. Meh ... an '86 5.0 notch with T-tops and a 5-speed with a few bolt-ons would make me happier than those oldies. The older cars were pretty, but I'm pretty well stuck on Foxes. :shrug:

    That being said ... I dig the '67 a little more than the '69. :nice:

  7. So since you have some experience, how do you think the performance between the two would differ? I don't really know a LOT about the classics...not like i do the Fox cars. I know the Boss 429 was a nasty engine though.

    I think in my perfect dream world, i'd have a fastback similar to how a Boss looks but i'd have a 427 Cammer under the hood.
  8. i cant add much. except these are exactly my two favorite choices as well. both are rare. and both are sexy. either way i am only a fan of fastbacks period.....and i am pretty sure there was not a coupe boss or gt500.... wonder why:D:rlaugh:
  9. Both are damn fine examples of the breed but I like the 67 body better. That car was a bit smaller and lighter plus I have a soft spot for Cobras :nice:
  10. Agreed.

    I like the "cleaner" look of the Boss. I'm not very big on the classic Mustangs but that thing is [email protected]$$.
  11. I want a 69 with a stroked 460 or something along those lines, I think that would be bad ass. And that dark blue 69... :drool::drool::drool::drool:
  12. 69 all the way
  13. Our first Shelby was a white 67 GT500 with blue stripe. I don't remember the paint names or codes. While I was younger, that car was an absolute monster. Steering was done with the right foot. The 428 made substantial power and TONS of torque. While we have never owned a Boss big block car, we currently have a concourse-clean 69 Boss 302. It was a special car, ordered wihout several common options for a retiring Ford Exec. No shaker hood, no louvres, etc. It is also pretty rare in that Ford ran out of the blocks they were using, and it has a Trans Am block in it. That being said, it makes decent horsepower and torque on the low end, but the motor will spin to the moon. We have since moved on to other small block Shelbys, but that 67 will always stick in my mind as one bad mama jams.
  14. Mama jama*
  15. The BOSS, because it was strictly a Ford factory car, not something Shelby hacked up in his warehouse. I always thought Shelby was a bit of a shameless, money-chasing self-promoter too, so I'm not usually a big fan of his line of cars. Both are sexy cars, but the Boss is almost on another level of badass.
  16. Are the side ducts functional? That '69 in the 3rd pic looks tough as nails. :drool: I can't stop looking at it. How rare are these cars? I don't think I've ever seen one in person.
  17. I'd go GT500, but it must be an Eleanoar car.
  18. Wikipedia Sez...