Torn between 2 cars for my ultimate dream Mustang

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Which do you pick...the '67 GT500 or the '69 Boss 429?

  1. 1967 Shelby GT500

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  2. 1969 Boss 429

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  1. Tough one. I've read that the Boss 9 was terrible front heavy, for obvious reasons, and the 9 was an incredibly finicky, hard to tune and keep tuned byatch. Therefore, the 67 would be my choice of these two. Of the oldies, I liked the 70 Mach 1 best. But I own my dream car.
  2. I would go with the 67, but preferably as a GT350 with the factory supercharger - best looking Mustang ever.
    Got to say the Boss 9 is badass though - but the 67 Shelby is better balanced both dynamically and visually.
  3. The Boss, no question.
  4. Very nice but I bet its innefecient as hell! :rlaugh: Wasnt it rated at 306hp? :scratch:
  5. Nah, 306 hp is for n/a 289 cid k-code in Shelby 65-67.

    Dunno what it makes with that supercharger but yes, probably not very efficient :rolleyes:

    But I bet that was serious hightech back in the day :D
  6. They only made 1? :scratch:
  7. I am pretty sure they made only one in 1966 from the factory but i believe you could order the supercharger from the dealer as well.

    In '67 they made a handful, but not sure how many. I have seen a few different 67's in Mustang Monthly.
  8. That in no way is gonna compare to the road raping power of the 429 boss
  9. My only question is, since the only made a total of around 1350 boss 429's they are going for a price of 200k and up, sot sure how much your willing to spend on a old muscle car but that is alot
  10. Oh i'll never own either one, probably only be lucky to even see them in person since i have yet to see either one. I see the Boss is running away with this one.

    The KR....yeah, awesome car, i'm just not crazy about the change in the grill and the junky hood scoops. I really don't like the rectangle fog lights in the grill.
  11. i remember seeing a 15.7:1 blown 429 boss engine on ebay that was dynoed at over 1400hp and it actually sold for around 42k
  12. I'd have to say that this thread is not representative of the real world. I see FAR more Shelbys out on the road and at the majority of South and Central FL car shows that I attend than I see any of the Boss cars.
  13. The black Elenoar makes my pants fit tight.

  14. Well ask yourself why that is? I'm betting there are more Shelby's left than Boss 429's for starters, not to mention the retarded popularity of anything with a Shelby badge on it. Also you can't be sure that what you've seen aren't clones.

    Either way i'm not saying either one is better than the other, know what i mean? I just think this for me are the 2 sickest classic Mustangs that ever were. There are others that are very close, like the GT350R, the KR, and of course the Boss 302 but i wanted to keep it a simple head to head debate with my 2 favs.

    I used to really like the Eleanor stuff, but anymore i like the classics the way they originally were. I'm getting to where i even like them with stock rims and tires more than aftermarket stuff...but they all need lowered just a bit.
  15. So? That's just my personal preference. If we're talking about all-out performance, many of the newer Cobras and Super Snakes make the old beasts of the 60's seem mild by comparison. Performance numbers from back in the day are fairly meaningless, anyway, because they were using different measurements for HP numbers back then than today ... but even then, I seriously doubt even a 429 Boss could hold a candle to the high-end S197's of today.

    Again, between the '67 and the '69, I just prefer the styling lines of the '67. Not EVERYTHING boils down strictly to performance stats, after all. If straight-line performance was all that mattered, I wouldn't be driving a Fox for my weekend toy right now. :shrug:
  16. honestly. the boss 429 is a bad ass car. but id perfer to have a 67 Fast back. with a turboed 331 and a t56. or 03/04 cobra drive train would be sweet. im all about mixxing the old with the new. (drive train wise )

    id chose the BOSS though. :nice: sick as helllllllllllllllllllllllll!
  17. Out of those 2, I would choose the Shelby, but in my book, the 65-66 GT350 is the best lookiing mustang ever, followed by the 70 Mach 1!!!

    The 65/66 just has sleeker, sexier lines IMO, & I never liked how the trunk on the 67/68 slopes so far down on the non shelby fastbacks.... & the 70 Mach 1 with the shaker hood & the 428 CJ is just plain nasty!!!!






    70 Mach 1....




  18. and what do you have against cars with 306 horsepower??? :mad:

  19. Once they changed over to the single headlights in the grill area and made those vent things on the outside i stopped liking that front end.

    I also have a love for the '70 GT500 for that huge open grill.