Torn between 2 cars for my ultimate dream Mustang

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Which do you pick...the '67 GT500 or the '69 Boss 429?

  1. 1967 Shelby GT500

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  2. 1969 Boss 429

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  1. Dave ain't wrong about how the PERCEPTION of the old cars is. Just because they are the old cars does most definitely not maketh the better car. It has been sold to us that these newer cars are fine, but not in the same league as the older ones. It was a battle we used to have in the 5.0's heyday, all the old timers couldn't believe what my little blue LX would do, so I guess they chose not to believe it, and made the old car "legend" bigger. But at the myriad of strips, races I've been to in my life, these monster cube old hotrods, at the end, have defintely not outclassed any of the iron I've seen constructed since. The 9 was designed for NASCAR, so Ford could compete with the Hemi's. It was detuned(rather badly, from what Ford designers from that day have said in many publications) so they could peddle it on the street, making it rules legal to race, and they sold more copies than they wanted to. Holman and Moody could make it run like it should, but it weren't no street motor. If'n you want to race an old Ford, the 428SCJ, the old 427's, or a 71 Boss 351 is what you want. That being said, no matter what I've gotten any of my 9 5.0's to do(11.4's the black 86 ran), they still don't have the PERSONALITY my 69 GTO had. It felt like it'd kick any of my Mustangs ass's even though it surely couldn't, and I'll always have room in my garage, should I find one. The Boss 429 and the Shelby have the personality.
  2. The R is another fantastic car. It's a damned shame Ford didn't use that engine in something else. I guess the GT500 is similar but not quite the same.
  3. im sorry but for the price ivr seen a few of those 429's go for i'd much rather have a Saleen S7
  4. :stupid: :drool:
  5. DUDE, you nailed it that was the EXACT one i was thinking of when i posted damn i would give appendages for that car
  6. Yes, a twin turbo sonic blue S7 would be the best weekend toy :drool:
  7. 775hp and all babe magnet.....damn and i have to settle with a 800hp fox, life is so unfare :nice:
  8. Not even a close decision for me. I love 69's period. Best looking Mustang EVER, imo. And the 67 Shelby's I never really liked. I always liked the 68's better. I can't decide whether my favorite is a 69 Boss 429 or a Boss 302. Just something about that C-Stripe and Blacked out headlight doors that makes me crazy for that car. But I also love the simplicity of the 429. All go and not much show. Just clean lines and a HUGE hood scoop.
  9. That S7 is nice, there's just WAY TOO MANY scoops and fins on it. Unless they all have a specific fucntion I'd get rid of a few. Like the ones on the side of the front bumper, on the top of the fenders, and maybe the ones on the rear decklid. Just smooth those over and i think it'd be a sick machine!
  10. The only good thing about the S7 is its performance. The car is just too damn over the top and toooooooooooo looooooooooooooong. It looks like something a teenager designed.
  11. My grandpa took me for a ride in a light blue one... best car ride of my life... also maybe one of my fondest memories. :nice:
  12. EVERYTHING on that car is functional for something, and i think its perfect
  13. i love the shelby's but hands down the boss. nothing says brutality and beauty better than a :hail2::hail2::hail2:boss mustang. :hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2: