tornado or hurricane?

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  1. I foget what its called, but its that thing that you put inside the intake tubing that swirls the air like a tornado. They claim it creates hp and better gas mileage. Is that a load of :bs: or does it actually work. Has anyone tryed one personally. They have info-mercials on tv all the time.
  2. a guy i talked to put one on his f150 he said it added 1.5 to his mpg but he could not fill any diffrence in the power i am going to get one for my mustang to help my mpg
  3. we had discussions on here before about how they don't work, just do a search and read some of the posts

  4. Its a toronado.
    Theoretically, they add turbulance to the air flow which helps mix the air and fuel better, and provide a faster burn speed. If you really think that something just after the air filter will add much turbulance by the time the air goes through the throttle body, upper intake, lower intake, head ports, and lastly past the valves, then by all means buy it.
    I personally don't think there would be any sort of gain unless the device was placed inside the upper intake.
  5. If the damn things worked don't you think there would be one under the hood of every car leaving the factory? Ford would love a cheap way to increase hp & mpg. PT Barnum was right: theres a sucker born every minute & Ron Popeil proved it. I'm a mechanical engineer & I say its BS.
  6. Well Im not an engineer unless theres a junkyard engineer but I know what a scam looks like. Rogue Performance guys sum all the eBay scams here:

    the Ram air thing is/was a tornado
  7. Where the fuel metering sucks or the fuel dropplet size is large, it may help. But so would an appropriately place vacuum leak.

  8. I'm with this guy.

    Speaking of if it worked ford would have done it; If gutting the upper & lower intakes on like a 88'TC helps so much why didn't ford do it and save us the time :)