Torq-Thrust drag wheels and slicks f/s

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by Que, May 20, 2008.

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  1. where are you located?
  2. I'm in Texas. I can ship them, no problem. Just give me a zip code and I'll see what it will cost.
  3. Shipping would be murder to 21911

    How many passes are on the rears?
    Acorn style lug nuts?
  4. Shipping would be about $75. About 10 passes on the rears. Thread depth measures between .19 to .2 and yes, acorn lug nuts.
  5. I will offer you $930 shipped. I'm not trying to be a punk...I'm just looking at the cost of new versus used in this instance.
  6. New, these are worth about $1500 (not including mounting/balancing and tax) so a $500 dollar discount is pretty good already. These aren't beat-up, faded wheels. They look brand new (other than the mentioned blemishes). On the shipping I'm willing to meet in the middle but the asking price is reasonable.
  7. shipping

    could you check on shipping to 32034
  8. shipping

    could you check on shipping to 32034
    ive got some friends in abilene, how far from there are you?
  9. well, I know you have had a few interested parties, but Im going to add myself to the list. Can you tell me what the shipping would be to 56401? I am afraid this is gonna hurt... Im a ways a way from you, but man, those would go real nice on my 67... :)
  10. USAF46270, I sent a PM to you so please check that but I'll post some of it here as well. Shipping will be about $55 including insurance. I'm about 120 miles from Abilene.

    BTW, do you know of any good race carting (no the kiddie go carts) in Jacksonville?

    BB67FB, I'll put you in line behind USAF46270. Shipping for you would be about $60 including insurance. I agree that they would look real nice on your 67. They are great looking wheels.
  11. Still for sale. I haven't heard from USAF46270 so I willing to talk, BB67FB.
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