Torq Thrust II's Trade or $450.00

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  1. Location:South Bay Northern California (San Jose)
    Price for buyers to pick up in person:$400.00

    Before you read on: I prefer Trades on this rather than sale :D

    I have a set (4) Torq Thrust II's for sale/trade. They're polished aluminum and are in excellent condition. All they need is a good polish:) No road rash on any of the wheels. Any local buyers willing to come pick them up catch a $50 discount. Also included will be a tin of Mothers Aluminum Polish and 3 microfiber polish towels. :flag:

    The tires:Nitto 555r Extreme ZR's Front 245/45/17 80%tread

    Nitto 555r DR's Rear 275/40/17 60% tread Passenger side needs replacement

    Trades: Deep Dish only please, FR500's hypercoated or black, Bullitt's anthracite or black. 10in wide in rear and 8 or 9in wide in front. If ya got these for trade I'll throw in $180.00 to replace my Drag Radial.

  2. Do you have pictures? What's the offset?
  3. email addy please. I'll email them right away. dunno the offset. they were on my 95 gt.
  4. I take it these are 9 inch wide wheels??
  5. yes sir 9in wide
  6. These wheels still available.?? Thanks
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