torque box, charcoal canister

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  1. I was wondering if anyone here could tell me where the missing hose on the canister goes?
    I was also wondering how I should get those torque boxes fixed and what, if any, problems they might cause. Thanks.
  2. I just yanked my canister... whats wrong with your torque boxes?
  3. hmmm, I tried to attach photos, but I guess it did not happen. Let me try again and hope it works.
  4. I can't yank it as I have to pass emissions. The torque boxes are all torn up. I have pictures but I can't seem to post them.
  5. One end of the hose goes to the gas tank, the other to the upper intake(vacuum).

    I cant see the extent of the damages due to no pictures, but it will mostly cause noise and instability in handling on one extreme, and dropping the front end of your lower control arm(REAL bad if you're moving forward) on the extremity.
  6. If you can tell me how to post pictures I would be glad to show you the extent of the damage.
  7. One hose comes from the underside of the intake manifold and connects to the canister vent solenoid valve. From the canister vent solenoid valve, it connects to the carbon canister. The carbon canister has a rubber line that connects to the metal tube that runs back to the tank.
  8. to post a pic just post a reply and add the picture as an attachment(has to be bmp gif jpe jpeg jpg pdf psd under 80K I believe). Check your file size, Make sure it's well enough under the limit, 80k is not allot when most digital cameras take at least 150k pics on the lower resolution settings.
  9. Haha! ok, here is 2/3.

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  10. Here's the last one. The first torque box is the driver's side, second post is passenger side. The canister must be hooked up to the fuel tank because under hard acceleration and above 3k rpms I can smell a funky gas smell.

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  11. Those torque boxes don't look pretty! Mine were about as bad due to SSM lift bars(solid bushings). I got some battle boxes from wild rides (~$120) and replaced the SSM bars with some MM spherical bearing type, Problem solved.
  12. Whats the canister for..I always wondered!
  13. So for a quick-fix could I just get those edelbrock full subframe connectors with the torque box reinforcers, or do I need to do something else? I have no idea what the guys who owned this before me did. They said it had a stock suspension, but other things have led me to believe otherwise. Thanks.
  14. The canister vents fumes from your gas tank, and puts them back through the intake to be burnt off...
  15. That hole in the canister goes to the upper intake.....but theres more then just a hose hooked up to it...theres a sensor with a wire and vaccume line hooked up inbetween.
  16. I just checked out edelbrocks site and didn't see anything about subframes that reinforce the torque boxes, but yours did not look to be beyond repair, so I would say that any reinforcement would help.
  17. Sorry, I meant the Steeda ones. The full subframe connectors. 93 real terror, do you happen to know any specifics about that sensor? If not no big deal, I'm just trying to make this as easy as possible for the ford dealership to look up.
    And as far as the torque boxes, does this mean no more burn-outs until they're fixed? >:=)
  18. sorry i dont know more about that sensor (ie. if it really does much of anything) Ill try to go take a pic of it for ya. I do know that the hose is in 3 goes from canister to sensor, then sensor to a connector right after the hose comes out of the wire protector....then lastly it goes to the upper intake on the front of it.
    Heres a pic i already have to show you the hose....
  19. heres the pics...