Suspension Torque Boxes Tearing!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Bob Hughes, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. I didn't think to take pics while it was on the lift...but I have a good 3/4" tear on my torque box drivers side where lower control arm mounts to body. Unfortunately I didn't have anyone who could weld it I have to get them done this week...luckily where I work we have amazing welders, but I'm curious where and exactly how it should be reinforced. Does anyone have any good pics of theirs that have been done....any precautions as it will be done by professional welders, but not auto specific...any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The lower control arm box has torn?
  3. Yea I didn't take a would be hard to describe the exact location....but definitely has a crack/tear in the metal. Right side has one same location maybe 1/8"-1/4" long.
  4. Has the car been wrecked? Sounds like a rear tire has been curbed really hard.
  5. Not to my knowledge...I've had it a little over two years....had ford wheels on it when I got it couple light knicks. I thought maybe if it was lifted there it could cause it but most likely not. No signs of any previous crash damage. I'm unfortunately chocking it up to the blower. I'm going to have them reinforced this week...most kits won't fit having one of our company welders do it.
  6. Thanks for the links....the company I work for does steel gas main work so I have an excellent selection of welder/fabricators. I was gonna do it today but were on tornado watch here in NJ
  7. I was just @ Wild Rides last week for their annual pig roast...ridiculous cars and fabrication there.
  8. People usually seam weld the stock boxes, then add aftermarket reinforcements for additional support.
  9. Thank you...that was my plan...beings its a convertinle most reinforcement kits won't work with factory sub frame connectors
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  10. Pull the factory sub frames off and use MM sub frames.
  11. I agree about removing the stock subframe connectors when you are able to upgrade.