torque converter leaking..?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by taylor4g63, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Alright i pulled my transmission out recently mainly because i could not for my life find where it was leaking from. Well i pull it out, look over the tranny, dont see anything unusual. Then i put the torque converter off to the side still full of fluid. Well, a few days later i take a look at the converter, and there is fluid all over the outside of the converter when before it was clean. Look at the pic, and the place circled in white is where the fluid was puddled up. So im guessing i just got a bad torque converter? It seems to me the weld (dont know the technical names, but i colored it kinda red in the pic) must have a hole of some sort in it. So did i jsut get a bad converter or could have something wrong with the tranny itself or something caused that? Thanks everybody.
  2. I could not get the picture up due to a problem on my computer, but the only place your converter comes in contact with the tranny is the neck into the pump and shaft and there is the front seal that protects the outside of the neck. If any damage occurred to your weld from some kind of rubbing, you would see alot of metal rubbed away. Since it moves in a circle, it would have made a pattern. Not to mention the noise you would have been hearing. Plus, if the converter has been in there at least a few months, you can see a circular spot on your neck that is a little more shiny than the rest of the metal. Thats from the front seal, and it is usually before the weld of the neck. If the weld you marked on the picture is around the neck welded to the converter, I would say you got a bad weld. Are you sure you did not just spill a little and not notice it when you put the converter off to the side? I have never managed to pull the converter away from the tranny without spilling a little. Did you wipe it clean and let it sit for another couple of days to see if it puddled up again?
  3. Yes i've wiped it clean, then in less than 15 minutes u can see more fluid puddling up. Within a day, theresa alot there. My brother will be coming home from college today and i'll probably be able to use his digi. cam to take some pics.