Torque Converter selection for quick Explorer

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  1. Don't know where else to go with this so here goes

    Not only do I love working on my wife and I's 2 stangs (89 GT and 10 GT) but Dad has his own little fun toy.. My 5.0 powered 98 Ford Explorer. Mods to the "X" include; 1" TrickFlow phenolic spacer, MAC CAI w/Amsoil filter, Screamin Demon coil packs w/Livewires, HO camshaft, minimal head porting, TorqueMonster headers, rear cat delete, MAC cat back, Bauman Engeniring valve body recal kit, 3:73 gears, Torsen LSD, and a custom Xcal3 tune from Henson Performance........Sorry for all the babbeling so now on to the reason for this post.

    Looking for a converter to get this blue pig off the line a little quicker.
    I have the 4R70W tranny and was looking at a couple converters.
    First one is from Great converters an it is basicilly a rebuilt Police converter that would stall at 2500 for $275.
    The other I was looking at was from Hughs. It also stalls at 2500 but sells for around $500
    "Sarge" @ Great converters asked me about the weight, cam, gears, ect.. of my X where Hughs just said "this will work for you".
    Does 275 sound to good to be true? Any other options? Has anyone ever had any experiance with Great Converters online?
    I know there are some great companies out there but I just can't see spending 7-800 dollars on a converter for the X yet...after the Heads, custom cam, rr's, and NOS go on....yes, but for now I just want a little more umph.

    Thanks for dealing with my banter,
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