Total Control for '65-'66 Mustang

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by ford_fairlane, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Total Control front suspension set up for '65/'66 Mustangs, of course it fits the '60-'65 Falcons as well. I've had these things thinking I was going to use them but I never have. They've been used to mock up some stuff but that's all. Ball joints haven't even been filled with grease. They have undergone a color change. I just couldn't stand the blue so now they are the Black Hammertone. Anyway, here they are. $1250 shipped. Not bad considering they'll cost you $1700 new

    View attachment 221898
    View attachment 221899

  2. do you still have the parts? are those springs as well?
  3. What Springs? This is not the coilover kit if that's what you're asking. I believe I do have some V8 springs that were installed once and then taken back out. If I can find them I will include them in the deal at no extra charge but I may have to ask for a few bucks more for shipping purposes. that's if I DO have them. I will look today and post back tonight.
  4. did you sell these?
  5. if you still have the TCP parts i'm interested! just need to know what is included and what shipping is to 95614. thanks, Jim
  6. i guess these parts are gone, will keep looking...
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