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  1. Complete Total Control Small block 67-70 Mustang used coil-over front suspension system w/ power rack and pinion and KRC Power Steering pump.
    Power assist rack and pinion by Total Control
    The part number TCP RCKPS-FD-02 is designed to install with or without the entire suspension upgrade on small block engine 302-351 Mustangs. Originally installed on my ’69 Mustang.

    Includes upper control arms,
    QA1 coil-over springs and shocks,
    lower control arms,
    front strut rods and power steering.

    Needs shocks (one is leaking) and new ball joint rubber.
    Springs are designed for small block engine weight on ’67-70 Mustang but can be upgraded to big block weight. Great handling when used with stock spindles and lowered A-arm mounting point. Upper coil-over mount custom built to install under shock tower with no modification to original car body. Mount nests in tower for safety and cannot penetrate or fail due to design (safer). Design allows original Mustang shock upper mounts to be able to be installed with original export brace for stock engine compartment appearance.

    Parts were removed during restoration to original.
    Approximately 10,000 miles on suspension.
    $1600 obo

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  2. Hi, wanted to ask if anything is missing from the kit? Off hand I don't see the center link and tie rods? Also, are there any parts related to the column, like the bearing/floor mount, seal, and parts to connect it to the rack?
  3. Yes, I have everything else but It just SOLD today...thanks for your interest though
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