TOTALED 94 yellow stang!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94YellowStang, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. Like title says

    Yesterday I was driving down the road and a 80 year old man turned right in front of me.Heres a drawing that the police man made of the accident.The old man is in the 1 car and I'm car 2,old bastard didnt even hesitate he just keep turning.I'll let the pics speak for themselves.Yes it was the old man fault and he will by me a differnt stang of the same style 94/95.I'm not hurt just a airbag burn on my arm.

    Has anybody dealt with geico insurance because thats what this old man has?
  2. man that sucks [email protected] :bang:
    there should be a driving test the day people hit 70 years old
  3. [email protected], sorry that happened to you. :bang: Did you have a lot of mods on this car? At least he will be buying you another one. :shrug:
  4. This guys turns 80 in Feb. from the police report.He want have a license after this thats for sure.I've had the car close to a month,there were a few things I added like ud pulleys, short belt, and a intake.The car had flows with stock pipes and a h pipe.The only thing I got off the car was the 98 cobra wheels which I traded a friend for his stock ones to put on the car at the body shop so they wouldnt go to waste and my cobra shifter knob.
  5. be sure to hang on to those chrome tribars for your next 'stang!!
    just joking .... :nice:
  6. OH THE HUMANITY!!! :(
    Sorry to hear that, at leat your alright tho.. :nice:
  7. Sorry to hear that 94YellowStang.

    The lady who hit me yesterday had Geico and I talked to them yesterday. GREAT service, they are the nicest people to talk to. They got everything set in 1 phone call. :nice:

    Good luck finding a new car.
  8. That looks very fixable. Fender, clip, hood, radiator, maybe fan, headlights, corners.
  9. pretty sure the "clip" covers the entire front of the car, everything in front of the pass/driver side doors.
  10. Fixable, yes. But it will handily total the car. I did a lot less damage than that to my 1997 Mustang GT and it cost $4k to fix.

    94YellowStang, glad to hear you are okay. You can replace cars, not lives.

    I gotta wonder, though, how the guy missed your car. I mean, canary yellow...

  11. Air bags deployed = totaled as far as Ins. is thinking.

    somewere around 90% of the cars that have an airbag deploy get "totaled" by the Ins. companies.
  12. colorblind?

    at least you can probably keep some parts, and sell them off... like those black interior pieces, to me, haha

    jk man, well not really. too bad a yellow stang got lost, but at least it wasn't ur fault
  13. That sucks seems like a lot of accidents lately. Glad your o.k though
  14. same type of thing happened to me, except it was a 46 year old lady that pulled out infront of me. totalled my old car, but then again i can't complain too much because it gave me an excuse to buy my mustang

  15. Because he was damn near 80 years old
  16. all i can say is take off all the parts that you can if you know that its giong to be totalled. my buddy had the same thing happen to him and the insurence company is trying to screw over him royally!!!
  17. Glad to hear your ok man... Hope you find a new stang soon.