TOTALED 94 yellow stang!!!!!!!!

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  1. my mother in law has geico and she was hit yesterday by an oriental lady who didn't stop for a red light. they gave her her check today. like $3000 for body work.
  2. popped the hood today look tell me what you think

    Also if I can buy the car back for cheap,would buying a v6 and swaping everything over be a good idea.I would save money on insurance and have some left over for mods.
  3. i can't tell if the frame is bent or not, but i'm no expert. but it doesn't look all that bad to me. once you know if the frame is bent, i think you will know which way to go.

    how much are they giving you for it? make sure they pay for days off due to medical side effects and looking for a new car.
  4. hell i havent heard from them yet, it happen tuesday.I've called the old man and he said his son was gonna call.I'm gonna talk with them tommorow!
  5. it the pics the battery is pressed into the ps pump and ac,passenger side is tweeked a little.Looking in the fenderwell everything looks ok

  6. thats why they have insurance so you just pay your deductable and let the professionals fix it
  7. from the looks of those pics and the way the front end is pushed in it doesnt look good. My front end was slightly tweeked and needed to be adjusted and the outside did not look have as bad as yours and it came to $4,500 and that was w/ out my air bags comming out ( thank god they dident) Im just giving you my honest oppinon, it wouldent suprise me if they total it out.
  8. im hoping they do,I'm starting to like the idea of buying it back and buying a v6 for cheap then swap everything over.
  9. the unibody from the doors forward looks like a total loss and the engine looks almost like the passenger side is way higher then its supposed to be. if you have plenty of time i say go ahed with the v6 swap thing other wise look for another GT

  10. If you do I want that black center console :D
  11. Dont mean to upset ya, but I'll take the CAI for $75.
  12. Sorry dude i know air bags hurt sometimes see that is what my cobra looked like 2 years ago after a wreckjust like yours basically. My avitar is my interior, airbags out and all. It took $10,000 to fix and the insurance paid for every single dime of it. Sorry to hear that man I also got rearended by an 80 year old couple on my way home the other day, but im getting a 96-98 cobra bumper new from ford and 96-98 tail lights and all of it painted and his insurance is paying for it all.
  13. im not to worried at the moment if they dont total it,which I'm sure they will but if they cut me a check to fix it ebay here i come.I could fix all the body parts with whatever I like and get some airbags off ebay for $500.I'd rather them total it because right now it doesnt look to good and the unibody portion of the car is messed up pretty bad IMO.Might not drive the same after its fixed unless someone take the time to fix it right which could take a long time before I would get it back.All in all they need to hurry up and cut me a nice check!
  14. Take those wheels off there and send them to me :D

  15. Are you nuts?


  16. intake didnt cost but $56 shipped on ebay from procarparts.

    95whitevenom check out my avator
  17. harley.

    I will sell you my ORIGINAL 1997 COBRA LUG NUTS for $110, SHIPPED!

    Cant find a nicer set of original 97 COBRA LUG NUTS ANYWHERE!

    I had them vaccume sealed the first day I got the car so they dont rust.

    If you order now, I will throw in ORIGINAL SPARK PLUG WIRES!
  18. Way too much money there Wade, maybe you should try to get his dash off him though :nice:
  19. That really really sucks dude I remember seeing your car on here a month ago when you showed it. I lost my camaro in the summer I spent a few weeks repainting it sonic blue and 3 days after I got it done an 18 year old girl broadsided me as I was turning on a green arrow. She hit me so hard the roof was creased. Not only that, it was reconstructed before so I made very little off it compared to all the money I had tied up in it. The better option was for me to buy the car back for $50 from the insurance company and i'm still parting it out now. But hey, it funds the projects for the mustang, lol. Hope everything works out for you.