TOTALED 94 yellow stang!!!!!!!!

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  1. Seems to me I should start taking record of all the stangs here wrecked because of young dumb teenagers (seems girl especially). Your Camaro got it, Blackvert's old GT got nailed and I remember 1 other story here.

    If you don't mind my asking, would you go into a lil more detail on what happened...especially afterwards (how the girl reacted) and such.

    I guess I was blessed with natural maturity and parents that brought me up right, because I'm only 18 and everytime I'm out driving around (especially my school's parking lot) I saw these kids do such dumb stuff and i'm like :nonono:

  2. I'm remeber talking to you not to long ago,this sucks that it happen but I'll be back with something else once its all said and done with.Theres not to many yellow 94's built (4038) and this old bastard took this one to its grave;May it R.I.P.

    Keep yours looking clean!
  3. Don't mean to hi-jack the thread lol. Well... I was making a left on a green arrow. As I crossed the intersection she hit me doing about 60 on the passenger side. I did not even see her coming at all or had the slightest reaction. All I remember was looking back up and seeing glass all over me. I sat there for a minute and I broke a few ribs but I got out of the car to see if she was alright and I opened her door and she was just sitting there crying wouldn't even say a word to me. But apparantley she was alright. But what happend to me was messed up. This is what happened. The light I was at turns to a green arrow and like a minute later turns to a regular green light. When I was in the hospital the cop issued me a ticket because he said the witnesses said I ran the green light. They also said there was only 1 car infront of me. But this is what really happened. There was 3 cars infront of me and we all turned on the green arrow. She says she didn't even see me, but if 4 cars are turning infront of you across an intersection wouldn't you see them? What happened was I was turning on the green arrow as soon as it switched to the green light. Now i'm aware of the buffer between the opposite side's light turning from red to green but since she was going to fast and would need to slow anyway I think she was jumping the red light or ran it. Plus she said she didn't see me or any of the other cars what the hell was she doing? Flipping through her cds or something? Aren't you supposed to watch the road? I did a lot of research after the accident at the intersection and I am 100% sure I am not at fault, but I recieved the ticket for failure to yield. NOW! The car wasn't even hers, it was her sister's and she wasn't covered to be driving it, plus I think if I recall the insurance it did have was only liability. Now I realize the cops only issue tickets based on what the witnesses say but i'm a pretty young guy i'm 20. I have a nice sports car, I have full coverage. The witnesses are probably thinking *stupid kid trying to drive fast and run green lights* so they probably automatically thought I was at fault. Second, wouldnt it be easier to just pin it on me so my insurance would cover everything? I don't know, so many people wanted me to pursue this with a lawyer, but I had no money at the time. I was just so tired of it all and I didn't want to wait for the settlement of the little bit of money they were going to give me. Court dates would tie me up so I just accepted everything. Call me stupid if you'd like. I don't know, but thats my story. I got ****ed from every direction, lol. The worst part was the girl and her family acted like I was the biggest scum of the earth. I freakin drove the same route everyday for the past 3 years, do you think i'm not gonna know the light isn't a green arrow? Geez...
    Sorry guys just venting, lol.
  4. sorry to hear about your incident,I'm 20 also
  5. Wow man that really sucks, and yes you got boned.

    How in the world did they treat you like scum of the earth? Please provide more details on this lol.

    Also, if you don't mind my asking, what'd it do to your insurance rates.
  6. send me a PM once you know what buy back is on it , I might be interested in working something out for you to make more money depending on what they want for buy back ....
  7. if I can buy the car back,I will probably buy a v6 and swap the drivetrain over and just have a rolling parts car with v6 seats(depends on color of interior), rearend and maybe some other black interior peices.I mainly would like to just change over the seats in the interior so we'll see.
  8. got a crazy idea,first off insurance man said the car is totaled.Now I have a few options I've been looking into.Lastest one so far and crazy of cousre but I found a front inner structure for the car for $300 already cut off another 94-95.I could cut my frontend off at the firewall or a body shop and get the new one welded in.It comes with everything accept to body panels.Good idea maybe yes or no.
  9. I would have a body shop check and see if the frame is straight first. If the frame is bent, you're probably better off parting the car out. Otherwise, the new front structure sounds like a good idea.

    To be honest, it's mostly up to you whether you want to fix your 'Stang or get a new one. For me, my Stang has a high emotional value. My late grandfather helped me buy it, and for that reason I will NEVER sell it. If it's wrecked, I'll pay the cost to repair it, no questions asked. But that's me.

  10. You could add mine to that list...though the dumb teenager in my accident was me. I totalled my 95 GT almost a year ago, now.. :nonono:
  11. I would be willing to say its fixable.... looks from the pics that from the struts back is fine... I got my front clip for 125... and mine was worse off but I got the car free... I work at an insurance agency :) heres a few pics... and by the way air bags is a 40% factor of cost to fix the car..


    The strut brace saved mine front end (struts back) I got 125 for the new front clip struts forward, 300 in 2 new fenders, 190 for cobra bumper and 60 for the bumper foam and i had a set of Cobra Fogs. Plus my time. I'm filling all the holes and stuff on the inner fenders to make it look really nice.. I even ground down the welds on the back side when I welded the front clip on this way if I ever sold it you would never be able to tell if it was wrecked or not.
  12. Or pick up a V6 and go to my website and it tells you what harnesses you need from your old V8 car. Those are your 2 options I can give...
  13. well looked at the car today mine looks very similar to your sorscode and I looked at your site the other day.I not to sure about trying to fix it jsut yet considering it would cost a lot for parts and labor.I'm waiting to see if I can buy the car back and see what it cost.For the money it would cost to fix it I could just buy another one 94-95 for close to the same price.

    My options at the moment are:
    1. Buy the car back part out everything except the things needed for a v6 to v8 swap and buy a decent v6.
    2.Buy another gt and hope to have some money leftover for some mods.
  14. airbags arent a problem for replacement,I have 2 options on those,they can be replace with real airbags or I can get a airbag cover made of fiberglass so it looks stock.
  15. Well thought I would let you know... Hey if you do get to keep it i'm looking for some 94 rocker panels the little ones infront of the door :)
  16. Update:
    I bought the car 3 weeks ago so I have to wait about 4-5 before I recieve the title so I can make a settlement. I payed $5700 for the car and insurance settlement is $6400. To buy back the car would be $1000, would it be worth buying back for parts or dont even worry about it. I have until next weds to make a decesion because the car will have to be move somewhere else and ill have to pay to leave the car there until my title comes in.

    I still have to wait for the title before I can get the settlement check because If I buy it back they have to do a salvage title on it.
  17. if all they want is 1000 for it back........even if you just part it can make more than that off of the car..........

    However if i was you.......i would either find a gt rolling chassis, or a v6 car and swap stuff over........go to the car auctions etc.......since you are in AL go to one in ATL buy a v6 car with a motor knock or something and take the v6 out.......

    just my .02

  18. theres a auto auction in moody, AL near me they usally have a few stangs.I have a guy that can buy things from the auctions and he does the title work and all the paper work for $300.
  19. if you can buy it back for 1000, take it and RUN. Theyre HANDING you money if you part it out.

    I need a few parts, email me if you do it.

    pickardracing at
  20. sorry to hear it too i agree to make a law to have another drivers test after a certain age i would try to get every dime too good luck