Fox Touched Up My Fobra Taillights

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  1. So I wasn't happy with the fading of my 85 GT tail lights I pinstriped to look like dimestore 93 Cobras.

    So after looking at the can of SEM trim paint I was going to use on the window moldings, I decided to give it a go. After carefully taping the lights last week, I scuffed them up with a green 3M pad, wiped them down with wax and tar remover, and had at it.

    Here is the end result, which I am very happy with. The SEM paint went down a little rough, but it smoothed out perfectly as it dried.


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  2. wow they look great
  3. I'm about to replace mine, I don't think I will be good at restoring them. They look very clean, Nice!!
  4. Put them onnnnnnnnn
  5. Car is prepped for paint, they will be on soon enough though.
  6. I just finished putting 93 Cobra Tails in my car.
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  8. And done!

    You guys are so demanding. I blame the Dorito Tacos.
  9. Pics :rolleyes: :rlaugh:
  10. Finally got off my ass and mounted them to the car. Definite difference. At least to my eyes.


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  11. Updated with a better picture of the after
  12. Way better. They look brand spanking new.
  13. Liking the stealthy battery cut off behind the plate
  14. Thank you. Can shut it off with the plate on, but to switch it back on I need to pop the hatch. Bit of a pain in the ass, but its supposed to be.