Tough to drive a stang in the snow!

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  1. Like the thread title says.. it's so tough to drive a stang in the snow! the ass is always trying to be faster than the front.. lol or the car don't want to turn or brake.. lol this is my first winter with it so.. yesterday the car just dont want to brake/turn.. so I've done a big slide on the propriety of a person living on my street.. hehe

    Have you ever got this kind of experience in the past?:D
  2. drove mine through two winters and it wasnt too bad really....just put some sandbags or something in the back and you'll be set.
  3. if it snows while your at school or something and its like 6-8in i wouldnt recomend driving it unless the road have been completely cleared.what i usally do is leave my car there and bum a ride home.
  4. :rlaugh: drive it like you stole it. :nice: Now that you mention it I suppose it's time to take off the used up 205/50/15's and put on one of my sets that has some ground clearance. :rolleyes:
  5. Try it with an SVO with Comp T/A 245 tires.

    That was pretty stupid in hindsight. Luckily i've got my ranger if i can get it back together in time before the snow.
  6. Cali boy here, What is this snow you dudes keep talkin about??? :shrug: :shrug:
  7. what type/size tires do you have?
    I have found it managable... till I put on my 245-50 kuhmo's 711's which are a summer tire. :lol:
    before I put those tires on, I could get around OK. I just drove a lot slower, more carefully, and throw the back end out on every other corner. :D
    The previous owner gave me a pair of studdies, and with those, I can get around just as well or better than any FWD. It should be noted though, that even though spinning the hard winter tires on dry pavement through several gears is fun, it can result in hair raising experience. Back when I had the turbo, was spinning through 1st gear (auto), hit second, and the back end whipped around before I even knew what happen. Damn uncontrollable open rear. :doh: Luckly, no damage was done, and I learned an important lesson... Buy a limited slip differential. :hail2:
    now with the Kuhmo's, I can't get anywhere in more than a dusting on any slope greater than perfectly level. The tires have large tread blocks, and open grooves all the way around which makes for absolutly no forward grip.
  8. I have studded snows on my old ten-holes, so I bolted those up in the rear last time it snowed. Forgot to put weight in the back, though, and did a 180 in my neighborhood. Hey, it'd been 8 months or so since I'd driven on packed snow. Got the hang of it again and went drifting. :D This is one instance where the automatic is nice, though - can just let it pull you forward at a light to get going so you don't sit and spin.

  9. I managed just fine when we got the "winter storm" here early this year....and i live in texas :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: Dont laugh there was several inches of snow and other crud all over the place
  10. I've driven mine through 3 or 4 winters now, never really had a problem. I've driven 35 miles home in some nasty conditions several times (road completely covered with snow), just gotta keep the speed down around 35 or so and be careful, it's not a big deal. I also have some nice snow tires and carry about 50 lbs (plus my battery and a full size spare) in the back of the car.
  11. snow cone? ive heard of the substance, have yet to drive in it.....hafta suffer with sunshine and beach driving instead :p
  12. I have only had the opportunity to drive my Stang in the snow once, but it was easier and more predictable than my 2wd Explorer! I think the 8.8 track lock vs the open diff in the Explorer is what makes the difference. However, it might be a different story now that I have 255/45/17s on the rear.. course, I also have the battery back there now.
  13. I don't drive my stang in the snow,that's what my
    pos s10 is for.
  14. We get tons of snow here in Indiana, it sucks, my mustang is my daily and i drove it through all the tons of snow we got last year! Didn't do to bad, hopefully we won't get as much this year
  15. get skinny tires for it . the wider the tire the more likely it will ride on top of the snow. instead of cutting through the snow like a skinny tire would . and sand bags would be good too.
  16. I've got some 195/65/R14 on it right now.. or 205.. dunno :)
  17. I drive my 89Stang all year round 500 miles a week with 4 cooper studded tires without a problem, they actually do get around really good oh wait I have a locker rear end in mine :nice: I go snowbarding at least once a week so I drive up the mountains. We got 17 inches of snow in the city last week and as of now it is all gone but the 5 major resorts within 90 minutes of here are open. Seriously with the limited slip and the new studded tires these things will go anywhere even with 8 pounds of BOOST!! Drive Carefull..
  18. What do you do in a situation like that? I've never seen snow much less driven in it, I can't imagine.