Tough to drive a stang in the snow!

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  1. Being a second shifter, I generally am coming home after they pulled the plows for the night and before they start clearing for the morning commute. I prefer no tire tracks to have to deal with, because often the only tracks out there are made by shined up idiots on their way home from the bar. Generally 45 or 50 mph works good unless the snow is deep enough to start blasting over the hood, then any technique that works is king. And what's up with these studded tires? they became illegal in this state back in the 70's.
  2. :rlaugh:
  3. which one would be better to drive 5.0 or 2.3 :shrug:
  4. LOL, and you are talking about swapping in a TURBO 2.3... :rlaugh: :D
  5. Yeah here's another shot of what snow looks like!

    I didn't drive in this stuff, mostly cuz it was so deep my car would have just been acting like a snow plow...
  6. We got a dusting to 1/4 inch last night. Does that count for anything?
  7. Only if it stays there.. and... doesn't come here.
  8. I got almost new 205/65R15's on my '93 2.3, 235/60R15's on my '82GT and semi decent 225/60R15's on my '88 2.3. I drove the GT through some snow, it was horrible, but better than the camaros at school, haha they would always get stuck, but i think cause they alwasy got to school late and got crappy spots, i was up early to park right infront of the school :) I was there before the principal..

    I'll tell you what was really fun in the snow last year...'88 Bronco II XLT 4x4 5spd...i plowed through so much snow, aw man it was great. I could crawl out of anything, i would look for danger in that thing, GREAT truck..
  9. It's not always like that :) in the summer we get approximatly the same temparature than you.. app. 30-35 *C...(not *F).. hehe
  10. In the snow? its preferable to get a 2.3 :) except if you get real good studded tires! :rlaugh: But they are twice good to drive in the snow.. It only depend on how you drive and your experience..

    yeah.. but I'll keep my stang in my garage during the winter duh :) or I'm gonna get studded tires.. duh :D

    hehe nice pics!
  11. I have driven several winters with my 2.3 as an automatic. This will be my first with a manual in it. I think I will be using second gear a lot to prevent to much wheelspin when starting.

    I use at least a hundred pounds in the back, sometimes 150. I only got stuck once last winter and was able to dig myself out.
  12. Never driven either Mustang in snow.

    It did snow once here in '93 - that was pretty cool (just left the stang in the garage though). I bought a Jeep in '98 and a 4 wheeler in '99 so basically it will never snow here again. :bang:
  13. My car used to get around excelent in the snow...for some odd reason though the more mods I've done to it the worse it's got :owned:

    I only have about 3" of ground clearance as it sits right now. Everybody that knows snow also knows that you are screwed if you are dragging the bottom of your car in the snow (unless you are going down the highway at a high rate of speed). If you stop, you are done.

    I can say I've never been stuck where I couldn't dig myself out with nothing more than my hands (or a crescent wrench I had one time).

    I was thinking about swapping back to my 14's for this winter because I think it's gonna be a bad one...I decided that would be pointless though because even though they are skinnier (good in the snow) they are also about 1" shorter which will lower my ground clearance to 2.5" (not good).

    Maybe I should just drive my dune buggy to school when it snows? :rlaugh:

  14. As far as snow goes...I live in Michigan, enough said. But why are all you guys talking about drving slow, driving cautiously, blah blah.. When I had my 5 speed hatchback I used to drive like it was the indy 500:uzi:, when we had a foot of snow on the road. Every time i'd turn a corner I'd come out of it sideways.... and I used to "slide" into my parking spot at school. It was a pretty cool trick. I'd offer to give rides to my friends just so I could make them ***** their pants when I whipped the wheel and came into the parking spot sideways. :eek::puke:

    One time I was driving a couple of friends and I made the mistake of letting a girl give me directions:bang:. there was about 6" of snow on the road and the snow banks on the side of the road were about 4 ft tall. Well we came to a fork and she said go left, but changed her mind halfway through the turn. I actually thought for a split second that I might be able to whip the backend around and go mustang had other plans, and just continued on a straight line toward the center of the fork in the road. I pulled a "Dukes of Hazzard" and went flying over the snow bank and landed in a cloud of snow with a cartoon-like "poof" sound:crazy:. It took 5 of my buddies and 2 snow shovels to get my baby out of that one. Anyway...I guess thats enough stories for toady kids
  15. Cause we are not crazy driver!! :D :rlaugh: and that I also want to keep my car in one piece..(I know I know it's made with a million of pieces..but.. you know what I mean!!!! )

    It's sure.. I'll do a tons of things like that some day... at the end of the winter maybe.. but it is my first winter so... I drive carefully :D
  16. The ironic thing is that I never crashed that stang, but when I got my convertible I started drving more cautiously and I've crashed it twice.:damnit: Go figure
  17. omg i just went sideways twice on the highway, this 2.3 5spd is so much worse than the '82GT was...omg, one lil squirt of twerk of the wheel, im done. i just got home, doing 5mph from work, took me an hour to get scared to drive, and next week im going to be a driver for work delivering parts in a 2.5? '99 ranger...

    You guys got any tips to keeping my car on the road??? should i get chains? or chains with winter tires???
  18. this sucks we just got 4-7inches tonight and theres more to come sat and sunday :bs: :notnice: , i hate snow and salt, its killing my car. under my rear axle its getting all rusty and it there anything to fix this?? would the under coating in a can stop or slow down the rust?? i think i might get some of that an spray where its rusting.
  19. For that stuff to really work you need to file/sand the rust, and then apply it. But when you do put it on, it works really good. Especially if you put a few coats on. I used that rust-X stuff that you spray on rust and it magically eats away the rust and turns it into black primer. It worked pretty good actually, then I sprayed on the undercoating.:nice: