Town Car Rear Control arm bushings help

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  1. Since i work at a Garage/ Dealership/ Limo company i figured i would try to bring my 1998 211k Town Car back from the brink of "Death Trap".

    Front Bushings, tie rods, ball joints etc. i changed with MOOG so far so good.

    The rear bushings were dangerously gone so i replaced them with preloaded arms from Ebay. (I think they were made in Pakistan lol) Well a few days ago i notices a clunk in the rear from stop to go......YEP the NEW lower bushing is ripped and the bolt is no longer centered in the bushing.

    Obviously i'm not going the cheapo route this time. I couldn't find a Moog part on rock auto. Actually i couldn't find rear bushings at all. Maybe i'm not looking in the right place. Where can i find all new rear control arm bushings? (Besides Ford) I prefer a Moog.

  2. Did you look at TRW? How about the place that sells polygraphite parts (PST?)
    If they do not carry your parts, post back and I will look up other places.
  3. Just thinking outside the box here... you could have some custom made. It's actually not that difficult. Granted, I work for a suspension manufacturer, but I mean, the average person can have custom control arms made. (and that would be better than just sourcing a decent set of bushings)
  4. Before I list where to go for parts, has there been damage to the car? I wonder if it is the weight or something else out of line that is tearing up your bushings.

    Here is a complete new rear lower control arm. The price beats messing with bushing installation.

    Here is the place where they stock and MAKE lots of Rare Suspension Parts- just like their name. IF no one else makes it, they should be able to fix you up. I have a center link from them on another car that is lasting better than either the Moog or TRW parts that both lasted less than 10K miles a piece.

    PST (polygraphite) asks which model of Town Car. I only offer them as a tougher option to rubber on a heavy car, not for a luxury ride quality. But any good bushing is better than a torn up one! It's looking like front end only there, but it might be worth a call or email.

    So does that help????? Are you already fixed up?????