Toyota Ad?

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by aar0s, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. The pop up Toyota ad blows. It's screwing with the keyboard on the ol iPad and when I push the x to close it the page it's advertising opens.
  2. . Sorry man...

    The ads are generated by Google (the ones at the top anyway) and I just do NOT even attempt to fix things that ail Mac products.

    I attempt to trace down PC related issues as best as I can and just that is a consuming issue.

    Let's holler out to @MRaburn

    He's better versed in Apple issues and might like to know if there's a problem in that arena.
  3. I have yet to see this... on the networks we use we do not allow Pop ups.

    If this happens again please let me know, maybe a screen shot or something so I can tell where it is coming from. It may not be our site doing it.
  4. Ad-muncher. Never see pop-ups again.
  5. Seeing it now, ad links to . Last night it was an ad for sage the Gemini. Pops up at the bottom of the page when I quit scrolling. This is the only page where I see them.
  6. I tweaked some things, let me know if you still get them.
  7. So far so good