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  1. Ok thanks I just wanted to make sure that's what it was causing it. Wasn't sure if that would make the rpms hang like that. Apparently none of the parts stores can get it, go figure. I'll call ford in the morning. Thanks for the help
  2. I had an extra one laying around so I swapped them out and it didn't fix the problem
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  4. Which fuse would blow? I didn't see any blown ones when I checked over them. It has coil on plugs. What do you mean by unplugging all of the wires? Do you mean un plug each coil pack one at a time while its running?
  5. Never mind. posted to the wrong thread. Disregard previous post.

    What have you done to confirm that the extra FRPS isn't damaged as well?

    Do you have an external fuel pressure gauge? What is the fuel pressure with the intake reference line connected? What is it when the reference line is removed at idle?

    Do you have an ODB2 scanner that can monitor operational data? If so, we need to know IAC duty %, MAF flow, PCM fuel pressure, IAT, ECT.
  6. My neighbor is bringing his scanner over this evening. My fuel rails don't have a schrader valve so I'm not sure how to put a pressure tester on it
  7. Ok so I finally got the scanner hooked up and here are some of the readings I wrote down.
    IAT=143°F, 1.14volts
    One menu said the fuel rail pressure was 37.6psi and another said it was 57psi
    What do you think?
  8. The fuel pressure should be stable. 57psi is pretty high but you do have an after market pump. My money its the tune, didnt realized you were that modified. Are you sure your throttle isnt sticking?
  9. It doesn't seem to be
  10. Cleaned the throttle body and is still doing it. Throttle is not sticking. Any ideas would be helpful
  11. The IAT of 143 degrees seems out of whack. What was the outside temperature at the time?

    Tell us about any mods. Especially CAI. I'm interested to know if the MAF is position has been changed from the stock location. Sometimes the "index" of the MAF can create unstable air flow which will lead to an unstable MAF signal.

    What have you done to confirm that the replacement FRPS is good? The unstable fuel pressure concerns me.
  12. Turns out it was the tune. Hoping he can get it fixed by Saturday morning. Thanks for the help guys