TQ converter help

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by SMOKEDYA, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Switching to a C4.Need to know what TQ conver to get?I plan to rev it to 5500/5800,combo is a 351w H/C/I 76mm turbo.I have for now 3.55 gears.It will be built by a local guy here.Gonna run a brake with reverse manaul body. peace

  2. The TQ converter is critical custom is the only way to go it really needs to match the combo. It really depends how much you want to spend, they vary greatly depending on the options you get. Since you have a turbo it needs to hold big power and be durable, I assume it is still a street car so most likely youll be under 3800rpm stall, with 9"-10".

    Do you have dyno sheets so you can provide the details to the companies? That is best way so they can tailor the converter around where you make power and tq, you can never provide enough info. Here's a link to Lenny's build sheet Ultimate Converter - Detail Spec

    Lenny at UCC is the best around in my opinion ultimateconverter.com, then you can check out edgeracingconverters.com Andre is a good guy that stands behind his products. I have some buddies that have bought some stuff from redneck tranmissons (you can laugh it's alright) they have a store on ebay and get good remarks.
  3. I will check these 3 out.I was told that red neck is out of buisness?????I dont have a dyno sheet yet on the combo. :( When i was N/A my power was about 4500.Whats the diffrence in a 9" and 10" besides the diameter?It will be a street/srip car.Nice weather street driver and dam near every weekend strip car,Thanks for your input and help!peace