Tq / Stall Converters?

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  1. Going to get my AOD rebuilt soon, looking at stall converters, lock up vs non?

    Also valve bodies, not sure if I want to go full manual valve body but want to step up the slush box.

    But I do want to use a pro stick shifter.

    Sorry I'm rambling, my niece had a major surgery today.
  2. I'm doing all that you are considering to a 4r70w. Not sure what you're wanting though.

    I went w/ a lock up 10" converter from PATC, and a manually shifted valve body using a transgo reprogramming kit. I'll engage lock up, and OD w a momentary push button tied in w/ a microswitch that will disengage the od/ Lu when I down shift.
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  3. I'm pretty sure a lockup kit isn't available for an AOD. Am I missing something?

  4. The kit I used works with an AODE as well. I don't know about an AOD
  5. im a big fan of my pats billet converter i just put in the C4... it was half the price of my PI i had in the lightning.

    me personally id go full manual with a lock up converter (if you even can) and and have it manually lock up off a switch
  6. I'd love to have a full manual with a clutch. Sorry, hijack.

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  7. you mean like a liberty?
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  8. full manuals are fun :)
  9. Poor man's liberty. Take an auto, shave the bellhousing and install a manual bellhousing with clutch. There is bracket that gets attached to the back of the pressure plate to drive the pump. Some still swear by this setup for track use, although the general concensus is that torque converter technology is so good now that you are better off with a torque converter for the drag strip. I would just like to have an auto for the durability and the clutch for more streetability.

  10. Intresting. .. never seen that done. Or just never paid attention when if I have. I have seen the Bruno drive lencos which is a converter driven lenco
  11. It hasn't been popular in drag racing since the 70s.

  12. Is that when they had 3 shifter levers in the car?
  13. No, just a standard single shifter. A lenco has multiple shifters. Those aren't as popular any more either. Most pros have swapped to a single V-gate shifter.

  14. I remember when gm had those three lever auto sticks in cars in the olds in the 80's
  15. This it?

  16. That looks like a clutch driven Lenco with a V-gate shifter. Pretty sure a G-force has the shift rods going into the side of the transmission, so that one would be a Lenco. You can set it up with indvidual shift handles or a V-gate. You can see why the V-gate is more popular now.

  17. I think it's a st1200.

    Thought maybe something else
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