Track again.Made Drastic Changes!!

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  1. The biggest change I made this week was leaving the green coupe at home(awaiting clutch installation) and I took a friend's 100% bonestock 98 GT 5spd. This was crazy, it was the first/only 5spd car that I drove all the way to the end of the track in 2nd gear. only made three runs and and it took off extremely slowed.
    R/T: .604
    60': 2.302
    330: 6.429
    1/8: 9.801
    MPH: 73.13

    R/T: .661
    60': 2.333
    330: 6.428
    1/8: 9.788
    MPH: 73.26

    R/T: .585
    60': 2.346
    330: 6.525
    1/8: 9.915
    MPH: 72.78
  2. So let me get this straight:

    You add a nitrous kit, it's runs like a mofo, you get scared, you take someone elses car. Sound about right?
  3. I'm see through like a window. I needed some quiet time away from the project. Too close to it. Somehow this week I want to change:
    rear: 8.8 w/ 3.55
    When I put it back together I may use the trans out of my black car
    Up the jets and boost a bunch.

    By the way there was a 95 civic hatch that ran 7.41:nonono:

    I FEAR NO MUSTANG!! but somehow I slumped my head at the sight of the civic walking a small block camaro w/ 150 shot.
  4. egh..sorry I bugged out again. :nonono:

    My DL isn't valid until August 8th, so I can't drive unless I'm being supervised. So naturally, 5:00 rolls around and NOBODY'S home, and I can't get a hold of anybody. So it's not until 7 that I finally get ahold of someone, and I said screw it, if we leave now, we wouldn't get there until 8 or so. :rolleyes:

    But I managed to catch the Madison county fair tonight. They had the four cylinder demolition derby tonight. And I'll be damned, a 2.3 Tempo won it! It was funny as hell though because there was this 80's BMW in the derby and it had "wiring problems" in the middle of the derby and he couldn't get it started. :rlaugh:

    You can bet as soon as this piece of paper they call a license is valid you'll be seeing me around way too much. :D

    And those SN95's have tall gears huh? :D I know the gears in our old '96 GT were rediculous.
  5. HMMMMM I have to take a new test for my motorcycle liscence.
  6. Lost in emotion.
  7. Man those are slow, that should be embarrassing to Ford. SHAME FORD SHAME!
  8. yeah especially when comparing it to the 4v motors. There was a few cobras.
    97 cobra-9.2 02 cobra- 8.8 03 cobra 8.13 :nonono: