Track Kharma

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  1. Track Karma

    Keeping your mods super top-secret then talking-**** about beating a car with all season street tires when you have Drag Radials.......ricerish :rolleyes:

    Snapping an axle bc you used TRACK BITE AND DRAG RADIALS to race a car on street tires......SELF-OWNAGE! :rlaugh:


    Ive got the story if anyone wants to hear it :D

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  2. :rlaugh: :lol:

  3. sure, ive seen it spelled both ways, but I think that way (karma) is what you'll find in a dictionary. anywho...
  4. i think i need to hear more.
  5. I've only seen Kamma, and Karma. This thread sucks!

    Where's the story mang? And we need pics of the guy crying :)
  6. or a girl in a bikini. either one will suffice. or you with a novi 2k.
  7. HEALTHY obviously has his own spelling :D
  8. Cliff Notes

    1. Guy in silver GT wants to race me and another SNer. Sure, no problem. We ask him what mods he had and he wont tell, its a big secret :rolleyes:

    2. Hes running BFG Drag Radials, Im on all-season Sumis. I F'ked up my launch very bad, I was fishtailing the entire 60'. Lost by 1.5 car lengths, fair and square. No biggie, I F'd up big time and lost. Im sure I'll lose again.

    3. I have it on good authority there was quite a bit of **** talking going on, which I really dont care for. The guy had his own posse and they were all running their mouths like it was fast and furious: red-neck edtion. I was really hoping my buddy would wax his ass bc we both run the same times, I wanted to run him again. I told him all he needed to do was nail the launch bc the silver GT pulls like a terd. I guess one of his cronies overheard me saying this, or they realized the same thing when I was pulling on him after F'king up my launch.

    4. They line up, my friend does a quick burn-out to clean his tires n heat them up a little. This guy has line-loc, heats up his DR's, and of his nut-huggers runs around the car and lays track bite down on each tire! I saw it coming :D

    5. Lights drop, they both launch, but only my friend made it past the first 3 ft. The silver GT snapped an axle like Arnold would snap Calista Flockheart :rlaugh: I wanted to feel bad for the guy, cuz I know how much it sucks breaking parts, owning a mustang myself and all. But with the excessive **** talking, super secret mods, and the need to use track bite on top of drag radials to beat cars on street tires, they were just being dicks. Not to mention the stupidity of doing that, especially during a test n tune with no lights or time slips (oh yeah, some idiot lost his brakes and took out a power line, so we didnt have a tree or time slips until the last hour) I laughed my ass off while his gf was standing about 10ft away. :nice:

    Anyway, that pic is where his car sat the rest of the day. Afterwards they werent so talkative. We did ask his #1 **** talker why the hell they used track bite AND drag radials, I dont think he even knew what I was talking about, like he didnt know what either of the two were. He just came along to run his mouth or something.

    I do kind of feel bad for the guy, but regardless of everything else, why the hell would you use track bite with drag radials on a stock rear-end in a race that meant absolutely nothing? It was just test n tune, no tree or slips, he had the advantage off the line with his DR's already, why get overzealous?.......oh, maybe they were racing for respect, cause to some people thats more important :D

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    Ive seen Mustang spelled another way too, did that one go? :p

  9. :rlaugh: It really saddens me when stang owners act lile 17 year old ricers :nonono:
  10. Fixt... But I know you knew what you were talkin about, just wanting to make an extra little note :D

    I dunno why they were so worried about a little ol' bolt-on GT with GS-D3's if their car was SOOOO BAD :shrug:
  11. classic... next race you should mount a rocket engine to your car and not tell anyone about it, then make them wonder what happened when your car flies into orbit
  12. that will be taken into consideration :nice:

    Funny thing is, I saw that same car driving around town about a month ago, I thought to myself "hmm.....03 Cobra bumper, Cowl hood, looks pretty nice." Then you meet the driver and well......Im sure if we'd BS about stangs he'd be a pretty cool guy, thing is he didnt want to talk at all. Just wanted to embarrass us by using track bit with his DR's. Like I said, I could give a F'k less about losing, its happened before and will undoubtedly happen again, but when I saw them laying down the track bite its like they were out to prove something, and they did......They dont know **** :nice:
  13. :lol: That's the damn truth!
  14. haha yeah thats typical, there are a lot of meathead stang drivers out there. If I actually raced people I would probably get smoked all the time, but hey I dont give a crap. I love the way my car looks and sounds and thats all that matters to me... when I have the money, my car will be doing wheelies but until then I'm content with being slow... theres less temptation. I did have a funny run in with a stang driver before, the guy was driving a sweet '99 cobra, but he was like "yeah man your car sounds and looks awesome, I hate my car.." yeah that confused the hell out of me haha.

    On a side note, your track bite story makes me think of the Little Giants when the kid puts glue on his hands to help him catch the football lol
  15. didn't think anyone would need an extra traction aid with MT ETstreets since they already hook like crazy. And its only a matter of time until the stock axles go boom...serves him right for trying to show you guys up.
  16. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  17. :Word: Droptop. He already had BFG DR's, why the track bite is beyond me. I really think they're just that dumb :nonono:

    Thats mostly what pissed me off. They waited until my buddy was staging (so he wasnt watching them or anything) to run out and throw down the track bite, on top of the **** talking and super secret mods, I dont feel bad for the guy and had a good laugh about it. Ive got 15x10 Pro-Stars and MT ET Drags coming in the next few months, as well as a beefed up 8.8". I'll keep you guys up to date on round 2

    oh yeah,......MU TA G :D
  18. I wonder what that guy's Stangnet user name is?