track launching?

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  1. How should i launch this stang? It's a '00 V-6 with only a CIA for power. Otherwise it wears GT wheels with 255/40/ZE17's (P7000's), a stage 1 clutch shifter adjustable clutch linkage, a tracloc rear (stock gears), front street rate coil overs, and I'll remove the front swaybar at the track. The weather will be dry, desert air in southern california.
    The car seems to either want to bog or spin no matter what RPM I launch at. :shrug:
  2. How good of a driver are you? If your bogging, then your timing is probably off or your not giving it enough gas. And if your spinning your giving way too much gas or your popping the clutch too fast. Just practice and try out different stuff.

    And how come you dont have an exhaust? that should be the first mod for any car.

  3. Our exhaust isn't really that restrictive. Makes the car sound better though. :D

    As for the problem at hand, are you warming up your tires before you pull up to the line? That can make all the difference in traction sometimes. Warming up my tires before each run with a really short burnout helped cut down my wheelspin drastically. I have stock wheels so I need all the help with traction I can get.
  4. Is it an auto or a manual? If you want a good launch then I recommend getting some gears. If it is a manual you should be launching around 1500-2000rpms. Thats what works for me, but again I guess it depends if your running an auto or manual. I get a little wheel spin launching from there but I would rather that then bog it. I have stock tires with some traction left on them.
  5. My usual performance driving is corner carving. Drag racing is something I do so rarely I don't concern myself with launching :shrug: But I need a good baseline for the mods I've done, and to judge my power from future changes.

    Those include a gt's exhaust (when I can find one that won't rape me on shipping) long tubes and a cat h-pipe, K-mem. kit, and a 4.2. I'll get times from each and post them, but first I must get this thing to hook. :bang:
  6. Yes I warm the tires with enough spin to get the road grime off and see a little smoke, much to the dispeasure of my brakes!
  7. it sounds like you need better rubber if you're on the edge like that of always bogging or always spinning. my old 15's were that way when they were bald. i'm not sure how it happened but a similar thing happened.

    if you're a 5 spd, try slipping the clutch out instead of just dropping it. you'll be abusing your clutch if you do it a lot but it's the best way to do it. good luck.
  8. I dunno about you, but my car CAME with gears. :D Just messin around.... anyway, if you rev your engine before you launch you definitely don't want to be above probably 2500rpms, maybe a little less. I tried to have my rpms up in anticipation of the green light and found that I was a lot better at just anticipating when the light was going to be green and taking off fast from the start. (drop clutch and floor the gas, basically simultaneously) I can't tell you how to do it without smoking your tires though... that came through a lot of practice on the street. Anyway, that's how I ended up with my best time.
  9. I would have thought the 7000's are sticky enough for the occasional launch. Guess not.

    I need the mileage the 3.27's give. That's why I kept them (heck it's one of the reasons why I bought a 6 to begin with). Last month I put 7000 miles on it (AZ to VA to OH to MT and back to lovely Yuma AZ)The car goes interstate too much for 3.73's though 3.45's might come if I ever reach the point that such a small jump is needed. You can get those cheap from the four banger rear ends in great shape.

    I went out last night and burnt half my tires off and got a good set of take offs at around 2000 with some feathering and slipping of the magic pedals. All the gas money I saved will probably go to the new treads (or clutch) :damnit: oh well.
  10. Yeah, but it's still fun. :D
  11. every track is different but you should be capable of 2.1 60fts with a little practice, i would revu p to 2500 rpms come off the cltuch and go as fast as you can with just a little spin, if you spin again drop the rpms, if you bog raise em, find teh sweet spot.
  12. Yeah, but it's still fun.
    Kinda expensive at 170 a tire. Cpl's don't make much here in the military. Still it was a bit funny to be out in the middle of nowhere with three friends ('89 GT, '90 5.0 LX, and a 240 SX)taking off stopping and taking off again. We were quite the sight I'm sure. Funnier still to see the 240 with the least experienced driver get the best launches. Must be due to the massive 100 HP and slush box.

    Just put in some KYB's. Don't know if that will help or hurt. I'll find out in a couple weeks at the track.
  13. Mash on the gas until you feel the rev limiter kick in......then release your clutch real quick

    You probably won't move......but it'll look cool