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  1. I had a great day at the strip today. lots of friends and fast cars! We got there just as the gates were opening and got all setup (changing to slicks for them/air pressure and such for me). When I go to tech in I pull up behind a 06 GTO. I checked it out from in my car and it looked nice(as they can lol) When I step out to hand the tech my sheet I notice it is a woman driving and she has STANG KILLER on the back windshield :lol: .

    So She step out of her car and see's mine, instantly she says "oh dont take offence to that just some ribbing" I said oh I dont... but youll have to prove that to me" It is all in good natured humor. We talked cars for a few and went about our racing. Well we didnt end up side by side till about 9:30 or so. I really didnt notice it was her until we staged ( I concentrate on my car, cant help what the other guy does) well the lights dropped and off we go.. I didnt have a clue what she was running because I hadnt paid attention. we get 60' out and she has me by about a half lenght(crappy tires :bang: ) but as soon as I start hitting the gears the tables turned!!!:D

    I ran a 13.073 @ 107.1 to her 13.9 @ 98 :rlaugh:

    When we got back to the lanes and stepped out she say's "DAMN I guess I need to scrape that off now eh" She was totally kewl about it and checked out my car now that it had her attention hehehe. If she would have been hot then it would have been even better!:rlaugh:
  2. beating ugly women in GTOs FTW!
  3. GTO's :drool:

    She must SUCK at driving :rlaugh:.. But good pass tho man! :nice:
  4. She must suck because the handful GTOs that frequent the track here ALL run 12s. :eek: Good kill, nonetheless! :nice:
  5. :lol:
  6. good kill. i hate GM. hate hate hate hate hate !!!! ! ! !
  7. NICE times man! So lets here some more details :D. What tires? Was that your best time/trap? 1-10 on the girl :shrug: .
  8. Well my best trap of the night is a 107.1 I feel it has more.. but I dunno :shrug:

    I am on 275/40/17 Nitto's and I think the everyday road use has hardened them :shrug: I will be going for the 255/50/16 ET Street Radials. Ill keep my nittos for the road and swap at the track. Still thinking on Shocks.

    prolly a 3 lol

    I hope to bust a 12.8 next time with good tires and a 1.7 ish sixty thoughts?