Track times in, need some input

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  1. I took my 93 GT to the track about 2 weeks ago. The mods done to the drivetrain include: stock shortblock, Ed Curtis .547 lift cam, TFS Twisted Wedge heads, 1.6 roller rockers, FMS FPR, Edelbrock intake mani, 24# injectors, 75mm Holley TB and EGR spacer, 80mm Pro M MAF and intake, MAC heads, Bassani catted X pipe, Flowmasters, 3.55 gears, T-LOC w/ 31 spline Superior made 280whp 320wtq untuned...

    I ran the car on 17's with Nitto 555 D/R on the rear, now for the times, I wasn't launching the car at all, just rolling out and nailing it, I ran a [email protected] with a 2.2 60' time. Does this sound right for my setup? The trap speed seems a little low, a friend of mine with very similar mods with an E-303 cam and Edelbrock heads with 3.73's was going [email protected] the same day, granted he is lighter having an LX, the trap is much higher. Anything I should look into here or suggestions? I'm looking to get it tuned very soon as well. Thanks for any help.
  2. Practice practice, the trap does seem a little low though. What do you have the timing set at? Get it tunedand take it back.

    Oh and the weight loss from having an LX is minimal, its justa body kit.
  3. Well practice is the ovbious key here, but you need a better set of drags like some bfg or et streets and launch your car to get that 60ft down because it is horrible. Do you have any suspension mods? Your car should be a low 12 second if not with an amazing run, high 11's.
  4. That mph is horribly low. My dads car was going 101 mph with a catback, mid pipe, filter and a few suspension pieces. I would say a tune, but for some reason your 280 rwhp isnt getting to the track how it should. Your car should be in the low 13s, high 12s on those tires with traps of 106+ without an issue. You 3.55s arent the best gear, but there should still be more in it.
  5. Yea I know, I'm not happy with my times at all. I wasn't even trying to launch it, it was just spinning with the drag radials. They hook on street, but not the track. The suspension is Ford B springs, Tokico Illumina shocks and Lakewood UCA & LCAs. I really need to get the car tuned too.
  6. Your trap speed is really low for your set up. My vert was running 13.50's at 101 with the stock longblock (NA). I would say a tune is in order.
  7. Yea, I agree, I'm going to go to MD Motorsports after I get out of class today (damn 3 hour long class) and see what I can get for a tune. What do most people do here?
  8. A tune might help but the fact your car makes that kind of power now and is only going 101 shows there is something wrong. Somewhere you arent running the car to full potential. Even with a decent weight and 3.55s you should be well over 105 mph traps. A tune should pick up more power, but 10 more rwhp isnt going to bring you up 8-10 mph at the track. What does your old dyno sheet look like and where are you shifting the car at? Maybe let someone you trust take it for a pass and see if they cant run it better?
  9. I made an appt. to get the car tuned at MD Motorsports here in Cincy. They agreed the car had MUCH more in it still. We'll see how it goes, Thursday April 6th. It's getting the SCT chip as well. I'm shifting the car at 5600 which is where it starts to drop on the dyno sheet, regaurdless, it still has power in it. I'm ripping gears after 1st and it just doesn't seem to pull as it should. The throttle response it crappy feeling and low end as well.
  10. was this your first time going? as everyone else said, you should be going faster. the time in my sig is on street tires. you should have more power then i do. i would think you should be putting down 300+.
  11. It was my first time with this car. I race my other car (Civic gaaaahhh) in brackets, last year going [email protected] all year with a bad head on it.
  12. i also think that rolling into the throttle in first, then nailing it probably isnt the best either because your not gettin a great start and your gonna spin forever....i'd do a 5-7 second burnout on the dr's, get em good and hot, and try launching at 2500-3000 at first, and work up from there....if you bog, raise the launch rpm a lil, if you spin, lower it a shouldnt have too much of a problem on the dr' wide are they btw?
  13. I just ran a similar time last weekend with my mach 1. I know its a totally different car but still I ran a 13.6 @108 with probably a similar about of hp and also ran a 2.2 60'. Somethings definatly not right....are you shifting right before the end?
  14. No, not shifting before end, but I am going through traps in 4th gear. I'm on 245/45/17 DR's, my time was rolling out, but the trap should still be higher like eveyone is saying. Maybe a different size tire would help, but I dunno, just trying to get it all figured out.
  15. maybe some wider dr's like 275/40/17's?
  16. Shift it higher. I shift my stock cam E7 car at 5600-5700, and my dads GT-40P stock cam combo at 6000. You dont want to shift right as the car drops in power, you want to shift after the car stops making power, to keep it in the flatest part of the HP curve. Every car is different but my guess is if you step it up to 6000 you would see a decent improvement in your time and mph.
  17. Definitely put a tune on the car. You are lacking about 30 horsepower in your combo if not more. Not only that but you might be lacking power across the rpm range. You should see 110+ out of that set up assuming the car is around 3300 pounds.
  18. Not only should you trap higher, but the HP for that combo seems a pretty low, i would think it would be around 310 to the rear. But lets see what it puts out after the dyno
  19. Yea, it's going into the dyno next Thursday at MD Motorsports. They said it will DEFINITLY wake the car up a ton more. What should I shift it at do you guys think. The cam chart for it from Flowtech said powerband 2600-5600 and the dyno sheet untuned dropped off around 5400, I know tuned it will pull more out of it easily. I'm getting the SCT chip for it so I hope this helps it out a lot. Thanks guys.

  20. Tune it and then worry about where to shift it. You will have to see what works best but it will probably be anywhere from the peak hp rpm to 500 rpm higher for the shift point.