Tracktime....Rnd #5

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  1. If things go right i'll be headed to make the 50th pass on the coupe in the last 7 weeks. Also this will make over 70 passes total for me so I'm getting the hang of it.

    I'm not sure what the deal is.
    I still have the TC intercooler, I'm at 14* base, and 18 psi. I'm a little amazed. I'm running 93 octane w/ knock disconnected. Fuel pressure at idle with the vacuum connected sits at about 35 psi and the A/F never goes into the green. I've tried to keep it 2 bars in the green so I'll probably turn the base pressure back up tomorrow. (yeah stinger I know but the wideband isn't in the budget just yet)

    I've driven 120 miles now and haven't heard the first sign of detontation. Is that normal? lol
    I might switch back to the volvo cooler tonight and try it again tomorrow.

    What is considered the correct procedure to setting the kirban AFPR? with the vacuum unhooked or hooked up?
  2. Cool, I'll be there around 6 or so. I told tyler to be at my house around 4 tomorrow with his Turbo 'vert. I have a spare set of 10 hole rims with new cooper cobra tires, so we'll put those on the rear. I bet it will run 12's. Seriously.
  3. I'll bring what spare stuff I can. I'm looking for it to go 10's since thats what I was running when it was struggling. Is that the earliest you can get there?
  4. I'll try to get there as soon as I can. I'll shoot for 5:30, and hopefully if tyler gets over here in time, we can leave as soon as we swap those tires. (he still has a mini spare on there from that blow out a couple weeks ago!) But I's REALLY slow with just 6 PSI. Like n/a 2.3 slow, lol. Hopefully you can figure out what it's doing.
  5. Base fuel pressure is ~38 with the vac line removed. That is how you set/check it...vac removed.
  6. Get there before I get aggrevated......5:01PM lol so we can see what the deal is with it. you might change the spare too. I know the tech guy but I doubt they will like that much.

    So at 35PSI w/ vac I'm over that base pressure by a fair amount. Seems to run fine there.. The A/F gets all stupid and lights up like 5 bars. I know still, we've gone over that already but I'm just saying I thought it was a little weird. :p
  7. couldn't make it this time. had to help my neighbor fix his radiator.
  8. Just got back...

    well matt finally dipped into the 8's tonight! I believe his best was a 8.9, but I can't remember. I'm sure he'll be able to tell you. :nice:

    We brought Robbie's Flame Red '04 SRT-4 up there, and we finally convinced him to take it out. Funny thing was, he didn't want to drive it, he let Miles (aka Belvedere383, you may know him from the thread in 2.3 Talk) take it. Best run we managed with the Neon was a 9.4 at 75mph. LOL, then we lined the Neon up against the green coupe. MAtt whooped us by about a car length or two, (couple tenths) but we were pulling on him on the top end. (I think me trapped 5 mph faster than Matt's coupe) If it had been a 1/4 mile, we woulda caught ya. :p
  9. I think I'm going to just post all of my times...I had a fairly good night...finally :nice:
    I stayed with the stock TC intercooler. 14*, 17PSI, 93 octane, knock disconnected. It was 30% humid and about 86*F.

    Right off the trailor on a 225/60/16 street tire just like a drove it the last 2 days:
    R/T: .583
    60: 2.001 330: 6.017
    1/8th: 9.230
    MPH: 74.67

    R/T: .701
    60': 2.131
    330: 6.017
    1/8th: 9.340
    MPH: 74.42

    R/T: .816
    60': 2.142
    330: 6.011
    1/8th: 9.329
    MPH: 74.52

    R/t: .581
    60: 2.375
    330: 6.429
    1/8th: 9.812 Bogged then spun hard in 2nd.
    MPH: 72.92

    I parked, iced it down, and gave it a good cool down. Then....

    R/T: .446
    60': 2.076
    330: 5.972
    1/8: 9.301
    MPH: 74.31

    R/T: .427
    60': 2.031
    330: 5.880
    1/8: 9.183
    MPH: 74.88

    R/T: .559
    60': 2.212
    330: 6.213
    1/8: 9.541
    MPH: 74.34 This one I spun pretty bad so I gave it an even longer cool down and changed back to the ET streets.

    R/T: .752
    60': 2.077
    330: 5.938
    1/8: 9.241
    MPH: 74.80

    R/T: .831
    60': 2.084
    330: 5.906
    1/8: 9.194
    MPH: 74.88

    R/T: .680
    60': 1.988
    330: 5.812
    1/8: 9.097
    MPH: 74.96

    R/T: .609
    60': 2.308
    330: 6.315
    1/8: 9.587
    MPH: 75.54

    that run was against the SRT 4 he had less than 1 MPH more trap and I had more trap than that on the next run :nice:

    Final runs iced hard and went up to 18 PSI and I ran back to back 4 minutes apart no cool down:

    R/T: .545
    60': 1.953
    330: 5.724
    1/8th: 8.966
    MPH: 75.96

    R/T: .648
    60': 1.992
    330: 5.800
    1/8: 9.077
    MPH: 75.34

    R/T: .507
    60': 1.953
    330: 5.724
    1/8th: 8.966
    MPH: 75.96

    That guy in the orange hatch parked next to us was the one that ran his mouth to me...By the end of the night he wouldn't even tell me what the car was running. :rlaugh:
  10. Oh I didn't realize your trap speed was as that high, I was thinkin back to last week when you were in the 60's.
  11. Well I just kicked my own ass when I realized I accidently video taped over the SRT vs. 2.3T in car cam race. That looked awesome too! Oh well, we can always do it again...:D

    But I did get a couple of your runs, they came out pretty good. Give me some time to edit it and I should have it uploaded tonight.

  12. You guys were heading out about the same time I ran the 8.9 Did you at least get to see it? i think tyler did. When I went back for the last run I heard him laughing the same as me so I figured he caught it.
  13. 66.65 last week and almost 76 this week.

    What was wierd then though....Last week I coud run it hard and then half throttle in 3rd and it would still run about 65-66 MPH.
  14. Here's a link to a short video I threw together of it.
    It sucks, but at least it's something. I'll try to do better next time filming. (hell I taped over at least 2 of your runs matt! I was pissed!)

    Right Click "SAVE AS"
    I even down scaled it to 1.9MB so even the modem guys can see it. (myself included, haha)

    Edit: damnit! not working! I'll try it again... :rolleyes:
  15. Amanda did a great job taping this tape. She was sitting next to Jason and Chris (orange Mustang) when I ran the Neon. :rlaugh: They were cheering for me.

    hey man you messed up 8.9 may never come again.

    It worked for me not to mention condensing makes it look much faster.

    Oh yeah the SS is stupid fast. he had a .58 to my .80 Light I didn't even want to take off I was busy watching him do a good job. :p

    EDIT: Where did the link go?
  16. I'll figure the video out tomorrow. Damn I thought about it, I should have trailored the '89 Mustang down there for one last "thrill" before it's sold. LOL probably would have done high 12's. :rlaugh:

    I'll have to redeem myself at the next one. :nice: I can't be there the 1st, but I'll be there on the 8th to see you and kiddicarus (spelling?). That's also the LAST time I just sit and watch. Next time I'm deffinately running something.
  17. nope about 12 flat

    You can always run your...................

  18. I think I've watched my video about 100 times now. I think it may go a little faster with a better cool down. After taking the advice of a good friend I've decided to have a good time and the best time I'm shooting for is 8.966 again.
  19. Way to GO!!! :D