Traction Control Question

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  1. Just bought a 2000 v6 mustang it was raining out and noticed the traction control light came on. But I don't have a switch??? How is this possible? Only thing I can think of is someone took the button out and used a different piece where the button is supposed to go
  2. Just as I thought. The button was under the plastic cover.. my only question left on that is. If I press the off button should the dash light be on? Or just the button light
  3. I believe its just the button that should light up
  4. Only my button lights up. Green dash light comes on only when it is actively controling the traction.
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  5. The light comes on when the TCS is "working". That is, when the system is actively compensating for loss of traction.

    On some models, it also comes on when the system is disabled (if so equipped with a disable switch).