traction control ?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by cerp, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. I have a 99 cobra ,just had my trannie fixed (broken clutch fork) anyways my question is why the hell does my traction control not work anymore, the car runs but I hate it when its on because I cant smoke the tires. I have been at work all month so I can't check it does any one know what keeps it from turning off (activating the switch) it will not even illuminate.
    I pressed the button I checked the connections and I dont know where to start. :(
    any help would be appreciated thanks.
  2. Most likely the switch light just burnt out....happened to me. You can still turn TC off...the light just wont' show it as off. New switch is like $15...plugs right in.

    Easy fix. :nice: In the meantime though, switch it off (just wont show it as off) and have fun.
  3. :D thanks 99svt addict //I pulled it out on sunday and a red pontiac t/a convertible pulled up to me did one of those stupid automatic stand still burnouts where only the right rear tire spins, so Im with this really hot chick I just met and I have to just show this guy who his daddy is :lol: anyways I pulled out chirpped the tires then I laughed at the guy. wish I would of pressed the button to really smoke em. :bang: :flag:
  4. Also for a quick fix you can just pull the fuse and it will turn it off for good. It's marked in your owners manual.
  5. I bet the guy that did the tranny bumped the back of the switch and it's just not plugged in. Check that.