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  1. My sister just bought a 2004 Mustang GT and it has the traction control button delete in it. I would like to know is if you can put the switch in and get it to where it will shut the traction control off. I have not found the answer yet so I figured I would try on here. Thanks for any help.
  2. check Fuse F2.5(15a) CJB?

    I am assuming the car was perhaps a rental car without the ability to turn on/off traction control. Therefore, without the TC switch it stays on all of the time.

    Will not 110% positive, it would make sense that the TC delete option would remove ONLY the button. Therefore, all of the wiring harness and connectors should be in place. Therefore, finding a replacement TC switch should restore the driver's option to turn TC on/off.

    An option is to remove the trim pieces between the radio and the shifter and look for the TC connector. The service manual has the TC switch (N462) going through connector C280. C280 has 6 wires.

    I have never seen a car with the TC delete option. What is in the location where the TC switch would normally be?

    It is also possible that fuse F2.5(15a) in the central junction box (CJB) has been removed.

    Note, it will not work to simply install a jumper in place of the switch. It is a push button switch and if pushed on all of the time, the PCM will ignore it.
  3. Never Seen

    I own an 03 Gt and have seen two other automatic Gt's, mine is 5speed, and they both have the switch and as far as I knew all GT's had the option of the switch. Like you said it may have been a rental car at the start but it does look like it was taken care of. Thanks for the tech. I can say I have taken my car apart in the dash area more than once and will look on hers.
  4. Are you sure the car has TC? My 04 doesnt have ABS or TC, it was an option in 04
  5. You can bet if the car does not have ABS, then it does not have TC. TC is an extension of ABS.

    I assumed the OP knew that car had TC and was looking for a way to disable it.
  6. My 04 also had no abs/no tc. Best option Ford has offered in a while.
  7. idk, optional ABS in an '04 car seems kinda crazy. you'd think it would be standard in everything from the late 90's and up...
  8. i know it seeems crazy, but in '04 it was an option on the Stangs.. I even went to the dealership and gave them my VIN and they pulled a sheet that listed every option my car came with.. and ABS/TC was not one of them
  9. There are some people who have managed to survive all these years pumping their brakes themselves. ABS is not really helpful to folks who grew up north of the snowbelt. It's for people who think stomping on the brakes as hard as they can is the best way to stop a car.

    ABS isn't needed, so why should a person be forced to buy it? Just to make more money for the company selling the systems?