Traction problems... hmmm?

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  1. ...and I know why !!!!
    Take a look at the picture... Holy Smoke, where is my car...? :shrug:
  2. Are you really in Norway? Viking Stangers Rock!
  3. My boy and I want snow like that. Just once in our lifetime.
  4. Ha! We got a dusting here last night. It was more freezing rain than anything else. Just past my house there's a small hill by a stop sign and it was really backed up. I saw a guy with a Mustang trying to get up the hill. Even if he made it, he'd never make it past the stop sign.
  5. I'll post mine again when I get home. I love snow. Now just imagine that picture with a hole scraped off about 1ft wide and me peeking through it driving down the road.

    What caused some much snow on the car and none around it? Dont tell me you shoveled all around the car with it snowing like that.
  6. No Way...

    Yupp, Norwegian as can bee !! Born here, and next year
    I should visit your country, The Homland of the Stang !
    Should I bring my sword and helmet..? :flag:
  7. No problem..

    No Problem, I can send you .."How to do the Snowdance"
    thats a winterversion of the raindance.. :)
  8. Frozen rain..

    OOpppsss, thats scarry, frozen rain is 1K times worse than
    our cold winter. The LX handels well with 195/65-15 soft
    rubber wintertires, and 2X 40 kilograms of sandbags in the trunk. :nice:
  9. Look out hole...

    ..HA Ha , and do you know what? Once a week I can see a driving "Iglo"(eskimohouse) around here..! They drives around, and waiting for the summer..? and when they find the highway,after some searching, they make a lokal
    snowstorm around them.
    I shoveled around the car the day before. It was snowing alot, nearly 40cm during a day (saturday, car rest, me not
    drive, maybe party...) :flag:
  10. no I would leave the weapons home....a buddy of mine was comming here from scottland and he wanted to bring his sword with him....well this was a well made sword and only 2 in existance and when the sword maker dies it eather goes to him or the makers son...

    well anyway the place or what ever when you come in took it and told him it was dangerious to have on a gun is worse?

    well he figured it out how long it would take to compleatly melt it down and it ended up being something like 3 months and such...

    soguess he will have to wait for the other one i guess....that is if the guys son dont get it first.
  11. ... Yea, thats life, someone always whant to tell you whats best... and they got great Swords in Scottland ! Here,we are more into throwing snowballs... :)
  12. My famaly originated from scottland so Iam sort of a scottish mutt.

    scott, dutch, irish, welsh.

    so iam a fighter a drunk royalty and I dont knwowhat the dutch do...
  13. are fox body stangs very common in norway? I would imagine that to be an unusual car to see crusing around there.

  14. Fox Stangs..

    ... Well, not so common. We are only 4.2millon people living here, and I
    think here is around 145 cars here, most of them are 5.0 cars.
    We have insane import restrictions and taxes, and because of the engine
    cubic inches and horsepowers, and weight, we have to pay a lot for importing one. If I pay 10.000$ for a fox car, I have to pay another 15.000$ in taxes..!
    Its more common with the old ones,(if the car is older than 30years, there is no taxes) but more and more People seems to find the Fox cars interessting..
    If I remember right , here is only 6 Gt -86 here in NO Way. :flag: