Trade 90 5.0 notch for hatch

Discussion in 'Fox WTB/Trade Cars & Parts' started by aj30064, Apr 23, 2011.

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  1. I thinking about trading my 90 coupe. It's a 5.0 aod white with blue interior. I'm the second owner of the car and it was a ga car it's whole life. It's a very solid car no rot and a clean title. I bought it off of a little old lady no lie. The quarter glass needs to be replaced and the quarter plastics will need to be repainted. It runs and drives perfect. Like I said thinking of trading so no junk please.
  2. what price for the car?
  3. Unless ur a "hatch" freak, I wudnt do it. I wud kill for a notch, but every1 around where I live wants an arm or a leg for them even the four bangers. Souds like you already go a good platform. I wud offer to trade mine for it, it has bad a** custom interior, but no motor right now, but I wont do u that way. LOL. I wudnt trade a notch for a hatch, but thats just me.
  4. 90fox306 thank you notches are going for crazy prices in east tn. I'm in knoxville so I know. The car isn't for sale just trade. I keep getting crap offers so I might just keep it.
  5. yeah they are, I wud love to have 1 but Im not paying the kinda bread ppl are wantin for them. I wud deff keep the notch!!!!
  6. How many miles is on the car? I have a hatchback I just bought to redo that has 48k original miles on it. I bought it knowing it got hit in the front and the front rails slightly were tweaked, but looking at it you can't tell. So depending on the Notch you have condition, I might be interested, mine is all original as well, 88 LX 5.0 Regatta Blue on Regatta Blue.
  7. Not interested if it has been hit.
  8. That wud be a crazy trade, I cudve swore the OP said no BS offers!!!!!
  9. I wasn't trying to offend anyone. And if you want to form a opinion, make sure you see both cars, mileage, etc. Even with a slight tweak in the front of my car, you don't know how bad or what is involved. Just because its a Notch doesn't mean its perfect either. I was honest with him and if someone has a means of fixing that sorta thing, it might be worth it depending on what they want. Looking at my car you couldn't tell it was hit, and its all original with only 48k documented miles. Its not junk, lol. But anyways, was throwing that out there. Good luck in finding a hatchback dude, I'm sure there are plenty of guys that would rather have a Notch to start with then a Hatchback.
  10. You might not b able tell its been wrecked but that doesnt mean the tq boxes arent outta whack, and thats justit you never know. Jus sayin it wudnt b a wise trade!
  11. Its all good dude. I hope he finds someone if he wants to get rid of the Notch. I wasn't sure I would depending on the mileage and what not. I do body work and so forth, so not a big deal for me, but others it might be. The torques are fine, like I said, it was a small tweak. Its one thing I don't have though is a frame rack, so that part is getting done from a friends restoration shop. The rest is just touch up and paint. Then interior needs cleaned up and some things replaced like stripping, small stuff. But good luck, alot of people want the Notch.
  12. I cant blame you for being interested, who wudnt? I had the oportunity to buy a 90 5.0 hatch with bad AOD for $1200, It looked to be in great shape so I tld the dood Id buy it, came back a couple weeks later to get it and done a good inspection on it and found that it had been hit in the front. From lookin at it you cudnt tell it, but the fender apron on the driver side was cracked. I tld the guy that Id give him $1000 sense it had been wreck but he wud only come dwn to $1100, so I didnt end up with it, my point is that it was a great deal sense I had a T5 donor car, but it wasnt such agreat deal beacause I wudve had to have it fixed and that wudve taken awake from the performance parts.
  13. Once it has been hit they are pretty much worthless. I won't look at one that has been smacked. It's hard if you are gonna resell it down the road. I look for a solid body and good running motor. Interior not to worried about that's easy to deal with.
  14. 91 Hatch

    I think I may have asked bout ur car b4 but anyway, I have an auto, 122k, all stock except Flow's, PW, PL, CC, AC, sunroof, good running clean car with no damage. Is ur's the one on craigslist in Powell?
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