Trade me your AODE for my t5

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by allenpark94gt, May 8, 2005.

  1. looking to trade my new t5 (rebuild) for a good aode....trans must be in great working order and no problems.
  2. i might be interested. shoot me a pm
  3. I would do the trade with ya.
  4. i have a rebuilt aode that i never installed because i did a t-5 swap, it has zero miles how good is your tranny? my t-5 grinds when i shift fast.
  5. I'm located in michigan....let me know where you guys are...I'm looking for maybe a possible computer trade as well just to make sure it'll work? or is that not needed?
  6. I'm in Niagara Falls. How close are you to the Canadian border?
  7. I have one from a 95 V6, that I would be willing to trade, or just sell you outright pretty cheap, I am in South Bend IN, so not too far either, where in MI are you located. Let me know if you are interested and we can work something out.


  8. you've got mail