trade one or two 67 fastbacks(one Scode GTA) for a 65-66 fastback

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by DarkoStoj, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. I recently came to owning 2 67 mustang fastbacks. I already have a very nice 68 that I plan on keeping and severely regret selling my 66. I'm thinking I could trade one or both mustangs for a 65-66 mustang fastback.

    One 67 is a c code 4 speed car. It needs floor work, original motor, a little trunk work, and there is some damage where the battery leaked over the fender apron & frame. have the factory window sticker also

    the other 67 is a S code GTA car. It is in very rough condition to say the least, but all the parts are there.

    marti report says

    7 1967
    T Built at Metuchen
    02 Mustang Fastback
    S 390-4v
    25,***st Ford Vehicle scheduled for production at

    63B Mustang FAstback
    M5 Wimbledon White Paint, Ford #1619-A with gray rear paint treatment
    6B Blue Decor Bucket Seats
    13K Scheduled for Build: October 13, 1966
    15 Newark Ordering District
    D 3.25 Equa-Lok axle ratio
    U C-6 Select Shift cruise-O-Matic

    Dealer #15J527

    Vehicle was ordered with the following options

    Gray Rear Paint Treatment
    GT Equipment Group
    C-6 Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic
    Equa-Lock Differential
    Courtesy Light Group
    F70-14 Wide Oval Tires
    White Sidewall Nylon Tires
    Sport Deck Rear Seat
    Power Steering
    AM/8-Track Stereo Radio
    Interior Decor Group
    Deluxe Seat Belts
    Styled Steel Wheels
    Car was actually produced on October 12, 1966 - one day ahead of schedule.

    C code
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    View attachment 422903

    View attachment 422905
    View attachment 422907

    I'd also sell either outright
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    I Probley wont be ablie to afford it...
  3. would you be interested in selling one or both instead of trade?
  4. sure
  5. I got a hold of the original motor for the c code car and I also got the factory window sticker.
  6. wow that s-code car has a lot of desirable options. i see an overhead console laying on the trunk, is that original to the car? also the gray rear paint treatment, i think means the car came with the finned aluminum rear taillight panel as well, they were painted gray originally. honestly, i think the s-code needs a complete and thorough restoration, just use the c code car for parts, although that would be a shame too.
  7. If I end up keeping the s-code I'm going to hunt down a nearly rust free 67-68 coupe and use that steel for replacement instead of foreign stamped panels. I don't see the point of cutting up a solid fastback when a coupe would offer the same amount of parts.
  8. how much would you sell the lesser of the two for?
  9. Throw us some prices please.....both and seperate.
  10. i was thinking 5500 each or 10k for both
  11. I just want to know how you "come into owning" 2 '67 Mustang fastbacks. If you're writing a book or selling a DVD on this subject, I'm interested. :D
  12. +1

    i'm short on cash, and not quite ready to sell my coupe yet to get some, or else i'd snag one or both of those . . .

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