trade v6 for wrx?

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  1. I dont think every other car is slow and gets owned, I will be the first person to tell you the sti is a very quick lil car. But I live in a part of calil filled with imports and ricers and i have raced wrx's sti's and evos alot. The wrx doesnt seem terribly quick from a roll at least the ones ive run into. STI is a totally diff story. You gotta consider the things are awd were talking serious drivetrain loss here. The power has to go through two differentials. I beat a few WRX's back when I was bone stock took a evo with 2-3 boltons, and took a sti a few times after I was modded more. But does anyone have the numbers on a wrx arent they something like 240hp and torque :shrug:
  2. wrx is quite a nice car...sti's are just wonderful though
  3. 227hp and similar tq. WRX's though great from a dig, are nothing special from a roll IN STOCK FORM. Which is why they end up with similar 1/4 times. The WRX owns from the dig, then the GT reels him in once rolling. If the WRX was faster from a dig AND a roll, the GT would get romped, but it doesn't because the WRX just isn't that great STOCK from a roll. I mean, it only has 227hp in a 3100lb body not to mention massive drivetrain loss. Its a great car (I HAVE driven one. I kinda taught my friend to drive his) and is great in many areas, but roll-ons are its weakness (STOCK).
  4. The insurance on a dodge neon srt-4 is cheaper then my v6 mustang...i checked it out...

  5. It's close and slaps the V8 powered Mustang GT in the face hard. Turbo or not it's still a 2.0 4cyl, that's less than have the displacment and the vehicles are nearly the same weight. I have seen and raced stock WRX's with my old GTP and I have raced stock Mustang GT's with my old GTP.

    They are very close and I don't read import mags.

    Also, I am not a mag racer so don't start.
  6. When did I say it wasnt close but if you think the wrx is faster your kidding yourself. I compared the wrx to the gt then you jump in talking about a grand prix. I also thought you didnt have a mustang or a gtp I thought you had a daewoo? Im not being a smart ass im just going off what you said.
  7. A stock Rex is rated at 227hp at the crank, but works out to be something like 160-170hp at the wheels. Yes, quite the drivetrain loss. But in stock form, it is almost impossible to spin the wheels (at least I never have, even on wet pavement). As far as being quick at a roll, just depends on what gear you are in and how many rpms you have built up. When me and my friends were doing roll-ons, we were driving 70mph and I would drop it down into third gear. It sat me back hard. The only thing I confirm about his car is it is a '02 GT 5-speed with a few mods and he ran 13.99 at the track in the 1/4 mile. We were dead even up into the triple digits. I have noticed as well that my car feels (seat of the pants anyway) quicker now with 19K miles than when it was newer. Anyway, enough of my ranting.

    I'm pretty sure I could spank a '03 Cobra in 8 inches of snow. :D
  8. Especially since cars cannot drive themselves. It's close enough to where it does not matter that much.

    I am 32 and I have owend about 25 cars in my short lifetime, I drive a 1990 ford Probe and my wife drives a 2000 Daewoo lanos. We are going through a bankruptcy right now and have little choice in the matter.

    I talked about my old Grand Prix since I have encountered a WRX and a Mustang with it. BTW I beat both and my friend was in one of the the WRX. :D

    I have also drven several WRX's and several Mustang GT's.

    It's stupid to say one car is faster than the other when people that take them to tracks get near the same times.
  9. bah. it will still beat ya in the twisties lol

  10. It'll beat me anywhere now!!! :shrug: :)
  11. Summary:

    1/4: Drivers' race
    Dig: WRX

    And therefore, given both of these are not debatable, the GT MUST catch up from a roll and therefore, by logical deduction...

    Roll: GT

  12. from what speed?
  13. If you like girls keep the stang, otherwise go nuts with the Subaru.................

    17-19 grand for one? You could have an almost new Mach 1 for that.
  14. Yeah I'd jump on that in a heartbeat. I love my v6, but I've got a 5.0 to play with now, and the 6 is reserved for a dd. It sucks in the snow which I get plenty of down here, it has no room, and it gets ****ty gas mileage for a v6 daily driver. If I had the extra money I'd definately buy an impreza or wrx. I've been looking at them a lot lately. Maybe if my co-op this summer works out good I'll be able to trade up.
  15. my stang has never gotten me any girls
  16. But what about the lag of the turbo? The Subi may have AWD traction, but it doesn't really kick in 'til about 3000 rpm. It's actually kinda doggy below that. I DO agree with the "Driver's race" part, though. Makes all the difference in the world.
  17. My Mustang gets me girls all the time. The female escorts really love Mustangs.
  18. escorts, isn't that there job, to pretend
  19. Nor has it ever gotten me any....i have them come up to me quite a bit....but they were never like...nice car...can i come home with u? lol
  20. they dont even come up to me