trade v6 for wrx?

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  1. You can get a hooker in any car. Probbably don't even need a car.

    Get a real perfromance car and attract a real woman the right way, not with a car. :nice:

  2. Problems with WRX
    1. Just as much torque as your stang, but you have to use a blower to get to it.
    2. Seats to firm IMO
    3. Interior feels cramped IMO
    4. Compared to a 99+ the interior quality is not that much better IMO
    5. Gas Mileage is not that big of a difference.
    6. The rear seats of my stang fold down (don't know about yours) I can move what I need to. The trunk is just as small in a WRX unless you get a wagon.
    7. Smaller dealer network, can make parts hard to find, and more expensive
    8. More expensive to put tires on, unless you have 17's on your stang

    Positives of WRX
    AWD really helps out in severe driving conditions

    Hrm, what else...

    I don't know, but if you catch me this is all IMO. I disliked ford before I bought my stang, but I got an amazing deal on a low mileage car, and it felt right. I wanted an F-body or a Chrysler 300M (big difference right?). But I couldn't find any worth anything. I personally wouldn't trade my Mustang for anything. Its easy to mod and work on, and I think its the best looking mustang made. If was going to buy a new car I'd look at the WRX, yes, but I'd also look at a lot of other cars. If you drive the car and you like it better than your car get it, do what feels right.

    Oh and don't get too caught up on acceleration. Its a good way to end up wrapped around a telephone pole.

    And if you went to a WRX sight and asked the same question and linked them to this post they'd talk like the WRX was the best car ever made and that we are all full of crap. But we do the same thing. Car people are not very impartial.
  3. well actually, its mostly positive in here. my trunk has subs living in it so i dont use it anyway. i have to go test drive one, just to check em out first. they are really hard to find around here though, they sell fast. there was 5 for sale in town last week, and they are all gone
  4. Sorry about your luck guys..I just sit in my car and lick my eyebrows, and my 'stang isn't even a new onw lol.....
  5. The female escorts ONLY like to pretend when I'm together with them in the bedroom helping them with their work. But when they get into my Mustang it's a different story. There is no pretending here. They really love the Mustang. They think that it looks cute. The Mustang is a **** star car.
  6. maybe a pink one would be, or that car peter griffin drives when he feels inadequate compared to his son
  7. well around here we got real women and this is a big truck town. i also have a 95 dodge dually std. cab short wheel base truck with a 5 speed turbo diesel and that is the pimp truck around here.there are a good bit of them in this town but only 2 0r 3 swb std. cabs. the seats in the subarus fold down. at least the 97 legacy my buddy has. and the interior is very nice in his with wood grain and is a very nice car. the little boxer engines they have are very reliable and bullitproof too. you can reach that same hp and tq without the turbo. the pistons in turbo cars are most likely dished to accommodate the forced induction. if they put some flattops and maybe a few other mods in the factory it would probably reach that same level. hey ryanrule do you have your spare in your trunk also. i also have subs in the back and they won't come out without taking the complete back seat out. i had a blowout 2 weeks ago and it really blowed.
  8. i have a box i modified that allows me to fit 2 12's in there and still take em out without too much trouble
  9. Any speed > 0

    As soon as the Rex loses its traction advantage it will get pulled, assuming both are 5-speeds. Then again, if it was an Auto WRX, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.
  10. u gotta realize that alot of comparisons on here r between a gt and a wrx. he has a v6(dont no what year) so in most of the comparisons the wrx would win, i hate to say it cause i love my stang but its probably tru. def test drive it and make sure u like it but i think overall if u dont have to pay the wrx will be a better deal. as far as the girls go... lol tons of girls love my stang its pretty much stock and they just like it, maybe its cause im still in high school and i have a y2k so it kills most of the competition around town(in popularity). get what u want and i hope u like your decision
  11. ive got a 01 in black and im in hs. no one cares really
  12. heh i dunno man people at my school compliment me on the car all the time(dudes wish it was a v8 but chicks just think its hot) i dunno my school isnt surrounded by awesome cars but it seems like chicks just dig stangs, at least here they do. ...maybe im just a pimp... lol
  13. if you get a impreza get the STI, i vote mach 1 for the cheaper price
  14. How about this? WRX...
    It's foreign.
    It looks ridiculous.
    It makes you a ricer whether you like it or not.
    It has comparable mileage to a GT but requires premium gas.
    It truly is NOT faster than a Mustang GT at the line.

    How can you people be supporting this? Is this I left the forum for a few months and I've come back to find that everyone here has gotten spikey, blonde hair with highlights. What's with the ricing? Is there not another red-blooded American soul out there? I feel sick.

    I have nothing against V6 Mustangs, but I NEVER see this kind of talk in the 4.6 mod forum. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.
  15. i see this kinda talk all the time, leave if u dont like it
  16. Tell your mom and dad that you want a WRX Wagon. That way you can get the dork look and also carry around the fat broads we have here in Wisconsin.
  17. hahahahahhaha

    4 doors are for dorks...
  18. does the schwin have the flipping card in the spokes? tough call if it does...
  19. First off let me start by saying forign cars SUX.

    Now that I've said that and if your still reading I will tell you my opinion...Ok I guess your still here. Its like this you live in Green Bay, WI and as much as I hate to say it you would be better off buying a Front wheel drive car or a AWD car. ( I perfer AWD my self) The Subis are really good cars for your climate, the only problem I would have is if your mature enough to have a car that realy does move in a area where it snows/ice half the year without killing your self are anyone else :shrug: Sorry I'm just trying to be honest about this :)
  20. Screw the Subarus and the rest of the foreign ugly rounded looking ricers which all the retards drive. Be a man and buy yourself a Mustang. You are nothing but a PU$$Y if you buy anything else besides a Mustang. :owned: