trade v6 for wrx?

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  1. That is easy for you to say since you live in HollyWood. Try living in a area where it snows/ices four or more months out of a year and see how good a mustang does you :shrug: I'm with you on the forgin cars but theres not a lot of choices in American AWD cars is there ?
  2. im not a bad driver, ive had my stang for the first 3 winters ive been driving and nver hit nething except a curb once at like 5 mph. im just ired of getting stuck goin up my damn driveway, ur being unable to accellerate at all.
  3. That makes no sense. Thats like saying that someone is a ricer just because they are Asian. No cars are inherently rice. Cobb and Vishnu WRX's, for example, are NOT rice. Don't be ignorant.

    A TT Supra truly is NOT faster than a Mustang V6 from a roll. That is how stupid that comment was. The GT owns WRX's from a roll, yet they run similar 1/4 times. Therefore, the WRX must take a significant lead from a dig.

    Yes, this is but registering here does not require that you sign a legal document saying you HATE all other cars, because that is stupid. If he needs a car with winter capabilities, the WRX is a better choice... PERIOD. This is like arguing that they should take Mustangs to Iraq instead of Hummers just because Mustangs are the ultimate everything.
  4. This Pro-American, Anti-Anything Foreign bs is getting old.
  5. I agree ! There is no way in hell I would own any of my cars including my new 04' Z71 Tahoe if I live in a place like Green Bay , WI. I would own a AWD Danali, my SVO and a WRX/OutBack. Keep in mind I would rather die than own a forgin car also. I would still own my SVO, but I wouldn't have it as my only car for non stop all year around driving. My only words on the WRX is I hope its not to much power for a youth to have in a climate like that.
  6. This is America so we have our freemdoms to like or dislike these cars. Now when your mom or dad looses there jobs due to forgin markets like the forgin car company then please remember what you said. Don't for one moment think well my moms a Doc and dads a atternay that they are ok, because your wrong. It takes people makeing money to pay the dotors and lawyers of the world for them to make money and if the auto plant shuts down and no ones making money than everyone down to the burger flipper feels it. The American government is working against us and not for us, look at the forign trade. We import 10 billion bux worth of China crap while china imports 1 million buxs worth of our stuff ? Whos making money there ? My town went broke because of this crap and many more Americans stuffer because of it. We even had a hospital shut down so think about it :(

    Now if you think thats bad try thinking of the History of it and you would be amazed also. I'm not one to hold a grudge but its a double wammy when it comes to cars. I told you the first part now the second part of my story. These auto companies didn't always make cars in the begining. Kawsaki made U-boats in WWI and WWII. Mistisbuisi made Zero's in WWII that was used to bomb ships like my uncles sailed on in Pearl Harbor. I could go on and on about this but you get the picture.

    Sorry about my long line of crap, but I'm and American :flag: and will die before I think other wise and even more pissed off that people set back with that attitude and let this country go to pot.
  7. My dad served in Vietnam, my grandparents served in korea, and my great grandparents in WWII. So it's not like I'm anti-american. I'm getting tired of this anti-foreign bs. More than likely the computer you're using to make posts here is made in another country, or atleast parts of it are. Face it, alot of countries work together and trade goods. And you can thank the Republicans for sending our factories out of the country. I don't like the fact that they send our middle class working jobs out of the country, but I hate it when people treat imported items like they're from Hell. If the products never originated in America, then what's the big deal?

    edit: As far as history goes, did you know that Ford gave parts to Hitler to build his tanks?
  8. I'd look for any reason I could to get rid of a V6 Stang!

  9. Damn! This thread just won't die. Unless you have driven or owned both a WRX and a Stang GT, you can't really say one is faster than the other. Everyone thinks the WRX has the advantage from a dig...WRONG! The turbo is NOT spooled up yet and the car is just a economy car until it does. From a roll is the WRX's strong point because the turbo is spooled up and raring to go (especially if you're rowing a manual gearbox). I can't wait for the dragstrip to open this year. I want to take both my GT and my WRX up the same day and run them back to back. With similar weather conditions and having the same driver, I should be able to find out which one IS the quickest in the 1/4.
  10. Used for 17-19K, your getting robbed. They are going out the door NEW here for that price.
  11. Where?!?! I'd be very interested in knowing where you could find a brand new WRX for that kind of price (and I'm not trying to call :bs: , I just want a lead on it).
  12. I guess you only read half my post ??

    Just print it out and post it on your frig. Then when you are someone you know has lost there jobs because the company you/they worked for pulled out of the U.S. to some third world country paying some kid .50 an hour to make you DAMN 100.00 pair of shoes will hopefully understand it.

    Maybe you will get lucky and understand that a F****** FORGIN crap car in this country was sold way under the American rates dispite the fact that there is a Tarrift that is supposed to jack the imports prices up to be some what equal to American product as not to under cut American products. That is our govr and don't start this crap Republicans or Democrates they all have there hands in it. Hell I live in Midland and deilivered Bushes paper as a kid and I still think he and the rest are slowing screwing us over. Don't me wrong I thin he does better than the next guy :)
  13. $19k for an impreza, $24k for a WRX, $31k for a STi
  14. ryan, I have a very similar situation, I just bought an 04 Mach and I still have my 2000 V6. I've thought about selling the V6 for a WRX for the winter commuting but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. The reson why I haven't got the car is because once the V6 dies i'd like to make it by playaround SC 347, and i'd like to keep the Mach as close to stock with maybe just exhaust mods. Maybe in your case you have no plans for your V6 and there is no point in keeping it. Whatever your situation, think about the future, and make sure your decision is whats best for your future. There's nothing worse then selling a car and wishing you could have it back, I learned that one from my Dad.
  15. If you launch at ~5k, the turbo is certainly spooled. Your clutch won't last long, but that's what it takes to put down low 14's in those things... I know my friend had one and I drove it. Also, a roll is NOT it's strong point. At FULL boost, it's putting ~180hp to the wheels... that's about what my car puts to the wheels now and it weighs nearly the same. Not saying I would be even w/ one from a roll, but it wouldn't be a total embarrassment. Obviously this is assuming a STOCK WRX.

    99+ GT vs. WRX
    1/4: Driver's Race
    Dig: WRX
    Roll: GT

    The WRX pulls a 2-3 cars or something off the line and the GT reels him in by the end of the 1/4 for a fairly even ET and the GT having a ~3mph trap advantage.
  16. A properly driven 5-speed GT can easily break 14.0 .. and get in the 13.8 area.

    The fastest I've ever heard a WRX go in stock form was 14.0

    Two-three tenths of a second isn't really considered "fairly even" in drag racing.
  17. In a perfect world, a GT would win every time, but how many people ACTUALLY run in the 13.8 area STOCK??? Not many because I have looked. Sure, with a good driver, it happens fairly often, but low 14's are WAAAAAAY more common. Given equal drivers, they are not far apart at all at the track. Given PERFECT driving, GT wins, but in real life, where its harder to launch a GT than a WRX, they are 'fairly even.' Anyway, the point was not that they are fairly even to begin with. My point was that the WRX pulls some from a dig then gets reeled in.

    Dead Stop: WRX
    Everything else: GT