Traded GT 500 for 2010 GT

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  1. Yes, I traded in my perfect 07 GT500 for a new GT. Long story short I could not use the clutch anymore. I ordered the GT Dec.3 and took delivery on 4-17. The 2010 is extremely refined compared to the previous years. You read about the ride is very hard but coming from a gt500 it is like a luxury car that can go around corners. I have all the options, list was about 37,000 for a coupe and the dealer gave it to me for 34,600. They also gave me 32,000 off the discounted price for the gt500. Almost traded even. I am very satisfied with the deal.
    I will be upgrading the rear end to a 3.73 soon. I was a little skeptical about the wheels before I saw them but they are great.
    Highly recommend the new GT.

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  2. You traded a GT500!! Ouch.. However, if the clutch was getting to you, then understandable. Congrats on the new car; post some pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The 2010 looks have officially grown on me, from this post forward, I like 'em :nice:
  4. Congrats.

    Maybe it's just me, though. If I couldn't drive clutch anymore and had a GT500, I'd swap it out for an Auto and keep the GT500.

    I still can't get over the rear end of the new refresh. The front end and hips look good, though, and the seats are awesome.
  5. Nice! White need some stripes imo. :)
  6. The only thing I don't like (besides the rear) is the pony in the front. It needs to be chrome like the past 45 years! Not black!
  7. The new GT's are on my dealer's lot. heh like clockwork, I got a email in the inbox, saying they will have a GT500 soon. I went out there after hours and took a nice look at the GT without having a sales guy hovering over me like a vulture....

    It was a black one, and I have to say I liked it. Interior was very nice, though I could not get in it, it did look very nice upgraded. Body lines were good, and overall the car look great. A set of 20's would really set that car off.

    That said, I'll be keeping my baby :)I still will take a good look at the GT500 :)
  8. How come you didn't order it with 3.73s?
    I had serious sticker shock when I saw the first GT at my dealer the other day, $37K+. Fully loaded.

    It was pretty nice though :)
    (i don't like 05-09 but 2010 is nice)
  9. I'm pretty sure that's an option. The dealer by my work has a few '10s on the lot, only one has the black horse in the grille. All the others are chrome.
  10. Wow...nice car, but man....I'd find it hard to swallow trading in a GT500 for a GT. Three years newer or not.
  11. 3.73's are only an option on manual transmission equipped GT's. Whuml got an automatic (3.31's are the only gears available from the factory for automatics). My '07 GT was 2 weeks old when I had 4.10's installed. No regrets there!
  12. All 2010 GT's get the black chrome pony, while the V6's get the bright chrome pony. Not an option; it's just the way it is.
  13. You could have traded that GT500 to me for my GT.... I would have made you a sweet deal :)
  14. Yours isn't a revised model. :)
  15. First off nice Mustang and good for you for buying an American car!

    MSRP of $37K for a loaded 2010 GT! The 03/04 Cobras sold for $35K. Mustang is getting a bit too upscale for my taste and budget. I read somewhere they have a back-up camera in the new Mustang? WTF! It's not a full-size SUV or truck. If you need a back-up camera in a mustang you need to take public transportation.
    I hope after all the hype of the new model you will still be able to get a base GT with a manual for mid $20's.

  16. How did you adjust for the Spedometer being off with a different rear end ratio? The dealer said they can't change any adjustments to the computer. Help
  17. I'd start with a different dealer.
  18. Well, please remember there has been 5-6 years of inflation since the Terminators were new.

    The dealership I work for has a brand new 2010 Mustang GT with the 3.73 axle package on sale for $28,151 (MSRP is $29,340) - and that's without any kind of Ford rebates. Once Ford starts offering rebates (after most of the new 2008-9's are sold out), then you'll find base GT's in the mid $20's regularly.

  19. You can easily change the speedometer for gear and tire height changes with a handheld (aftermarket) tuner (i.e. SCT, Diablosport, Sniper, Hypertech, etc.). I have a Diablosport Predator tuner and it just takes a few minutes to make changes with an easy to follow on-screen menu to guide you.
  20. Thanks, I will check into that.