Traded My Fox...

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  1. Parted my fox out... Traded for oem 03 cobra wheels. It was a shell ha ha.
    Here it is fellas!
    Finally achieved "the look". 15% tint eibach pro kit, oem 03 cobras.
    D150B7C6_zps80c78abf.jpg B4BDDE77_zpsf03eafca.jpg CE14AD8C_zpscb0dd19f.jpg
  2. Y u no like my 70k mile cobra? I have all original documentation down to the ford order sheet in pencil...
  3. This is pushrod country.
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  4. You are posting a 4.6 in the 5.0 area, not to mention most fox guys tend to not like the sn95 body.

    But, seeing as how I like sn95s and don't mind 4.6s, this car looks great and it is getting harder to find low mile sn95 cobras (I've looked). Sweet ride, and I'm glad you found the look that works for you.

    Oh and that 4.6 does make 300 horsepower stock from the factory. It's no joke.

    That puts it on par with (somewhat) the 5.8 cobra r.
  5. It still in fox related ha ha.

    And yes it was very hard to find... I have my main build thread over on SVTP.

    All I've done basically is a tune, 410's, mgw, and eibachs.
  6. As long as you like it. I had a Mach1 and a blown 96 4.6. The lack of torque made me dislike those cars.
  7. EXACTLY 97 cobra is a complete dog til 4k rpm then it starts to move.
  8. In 94 I traded in my 93 for the new and improved must ang,..... I hated it so much I traded it back in for a 92. I was paying through the teeth for years. No offense the car looks clean, bug I don't like it, not one bit!!
  9. Looks good to me, and as long as you like it, that is all that matters!
  10. I think it looks great, and is a sweet ride you should be proud of. All you have to do is put a twin screw kit on it to get good HP AND torque numbers.
  11. It's better than a Camaro, I'll say that.
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  12. Well of course!
  13. Looks clean. I like the 4.6L motors. I really miss the 32V that my 99 Cobra had. That car was a lot of fun.
  14. i've only ridden in a few 4.6L cars, so I can't really comment. the wheels look cool! How much drop did you actually get out of the pro kit?
  15. Honestly, I forgot to measure before. The springs are still settling.

    But here's a picture of day 1