Trading In For 2011 5.0...?

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  1. Hey all, just joined to get some opinions and the scoop on these cars. I have been eyeing up a 2011 5.0 and now that it is finally in my price range I am VERY tempted to trade in my current car.

    Currently I drive an 2009 Civic Si Sedan. The car is very fun to drive, handles well but looking for something that doesn't lack torque...

    Now, how does the Stang stack up? Obviously the Stang will be faster.

    • How is the M/T gear box?
    • What is the average MPG?
    • Any regrets?
    • Any major problems I should be aware of?
    • How does the car handle?
    Now I would be keeping the car mainly stock, with the exception of an exhaust for sound, and possibly an intake.

    I uploaded a pic of my current ride, even though I know a lot of you guys most likely do not like Honda's.

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  2. Ironically, I just bought a 2011 Mustang GT with a manual trans.

    -The manual transmission is fine. I don't find it nearly as objectionable as the internet makes it sound. I believe that with a good shifter & trans mount bushing, I'll like it even more.
    -I'm averaging around 22.5MPG in mixed driving.
    -No regrets
    -There are several TSBs, but I haven't had any trouble with mine.
    -The stock handling was horrible, but with the suspension upgrades I've installed (and NT05 tires), it's an absolute riot to drive!

  3. Thanks for the response! I found a 2011 for 23k with about 20,000 miles on it. I just don't want to go with the Stang and be over my head when it comes to repairs. I have a daily driver so this car will be for fun really.
  4. Your Civic is cute...... You should love the stang, it gets nothing but praise!
  5. my average MPG 16 city. 22 highway normal driving.

    'sport' driving MPG. 12 city and 18 highway LOL
  6. I agree with johnny, I never get over 20 mpg in mixed driving, I am closer to 17-18ish. I have a manual with 3.73 rears. My car now has 28K on it, and so far has been problem free. I lowered my car using Ford K Spings, Eibach dampers, adjustable pan hard bar and an adjustable upper control arm, and it handles great. In the summer months I would regularly take friends out for a ride, and they all commented on how great the car handles.
  7. i honestly get 13.8 mpg. 3.31 gears usualy city driveing. i read somewhere the mustang is in the top ten to get to 300k miles. rely reliable, some issues small rattles ect... overall great car . will put a smile on ur face. handling not bad.
  8. Y'all are killin' me! I drive my car fairly hard, and I was at 22.0 MPG mixed yesterday. (UPR 93 Tune, MT-82, 3.31)