Trading in the GT and all it's problems, getting a Mach 1

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  1. Well, I've had it with my GT. As some of you know from a previous thread, my car has had some serious issues in it's past that I was not told about, actually, I was lied to about, when I bought the car. The original motor was blown up, the new motor has had a cylinder head cracked and replaced, the tranny was blown and replaced, the rear end was blown and replaced, and the clutch and flywheel were destroyed and replaced before I owned it. That tells me the car had the shyt beaten out of it. On top of that, since I bought it, I've been back to the dealership 5 times with the car because of starting issues, and now the car just not running. Originally, they said the starting was because of the fuel pump. I had it replaced, and it didn't fix a thing. Then it was supposedly the fuel filter, but again, no fix. The other night, while driving, the car totally died on me on the highway. I had to have it towed to the dealer, and they told me the fuel module had died. I was already pissed, but told them to fix it. I pick it up today, and make it 30 miles away and it does it again. This time I towed it back and went apeshyt on them. I'm sorry, but a 32000 mile GT should not have these problems, or that history. Not to mention I've been at the dealers every two weeks, and they didn't disclose all the problems in the car's past, even though I asked for reports.

    Basically, I told them that they're taking the car back in trade for the full purchase price, and finding me a 2004 dark shadow grey Mach 1 with a 5 speed and IUP. I'm willing to pay the difference, but they're not making another dime on me. I also told them that they're installing a lojack and alarm in the Mach, like I did on the GT, out of their pocket. If they don't, It's Lemon Law time. As soon as I said that, they tweeked and started looking for a Mach on their computers. So, hopefully within a week I'll be rolling in a 32V Mach. Thankfully, most of the mods like my shifter, quadshocks, silverstars, billet stuff, and springs swap over, and I can sell the supercharger I bought for the car, along with my Roush CAI, Mach chin and grill kits, and other little bits. I'll have to eat the cost of having my sound system installed in the GT, but I get a Mach 460 system in the Mach, and I'll just install my Basslink into the new car myself and sell the other components I bought. I'll have to lose my adjustable clutch cable kit too, because I had to break the stock stuff to get it off the car. That's ok, because I test drove a Mach at another dealership yesterday, and I love the clutch feel in it. Even though I've felt like :bang: for the last two days, I'll be :nice: once I get the Mach.
  2. Sweet man. I hope they take care of you!
  3. Damn, id be pissed if I just bought a car & had to go back to the stealership that many times. On the other hand,your gonna love the Mach....
  4. I hope so, I loved the test drive, and it is my favorite Mustang of the modern generations. They make me drool more than a termi cobra. I'm going back tomorrow to get the GT, and hopefully the sales manager will have a list of Machs that they can get from other dealerships for me to pick from, and then they'll work to get it up here. He said he's got a guy in Florida, and they can ship it here if necessary. All I know is I want it done before the GT strands me again!
  5. Me too!!!!!!After I test drove mine, my 97 Cobra was old news. I love Termis too & they are the fastest, but the Machs are the baddest!!!

    I will never sell mine!!!
  6. I dont even understand how someone could beat on a car so bad to cause all the problems that happened.
  7. Me either.... but the car definitely got whooped up, which makes me think that maybe the chassis is bent too...
  8. You will like the Mach a lot better :nice:
  9. did you pick the car up at a small dealer or one of the factory car dealers?
  10. carfax? I only buy one owner cars, preferably women registered owners.
  11. sounds l ike a 16 year old kid had it and thought it was a race car.
  12. It was a Ford dealer, The carfax was clear, but the warranty info was loaded with all the issues. They lied and said the warranty info was clear as well, and also lied and said it was only a two owner car, whereas I was the 4th owner. Oh, and it figures, but I just called the dealership, and they told me the car started right up for them this morning.... This is getting frustrating.
  13. With their previous history of being straight up with you, do you think you can trust them? I do believe they are going to try to make sure that you leave the dealership with the car you currently own. IMO you are going to be in for a long hard fight and they will likely drag their heels getting you a Mach 1.
  14. Carfax should of told you about 4 registration events. I know a lot of Ford dealers use Autocheck which is garbage compared to a full Carfax report. I know it's too late now for you, but hang in there and hopefully it'll work out.
  15. deff dont settle for the gt, imo they may have fixed it now, but in a month or so you'll probably have problems again imo
  16. Thats why he told them they'd be dealing with a Lemon Law due to all the issues the car has had. That makes any lallygagging on their end just more reason for him to press charges...

    BTW Astronaut, you should PM me what you want for that FRPP blower :D
  17. Haha, yeah, we'll see on that. I know it's worth alot more than I paid, and any money I get on it is going toward the Mach... Not trying to be a jerk about that, but I gotta do what's best for me, you know?
  18. Feel free to PM an offer though.

    On another note, I found a car today that I have them working toward bringing in. 2003 Mach 1 DSG with IUP, 27k miles, full length subframes, UPR billet/black fuel door with the Mach 1 logo, stainless rear bumper inserts, otherwise stock and in immaculate shape, $20,995 at the dealer who has it now. I wanted the 04 for the 40th anniv. appeal, but I like the powdercoated valve covers on the 03 better than the bare aluminum of the 04, plus it's the first year for the mach, and it's a low mile great shape car. I'll know more tomorrow...
  19. I think $21k is a great starting price for that car, it sounds awesome! :nice: says it is worth $18,875 so start your negotiations at $16k and go for $17.5k out the door :nice: