Trading in the GT and all it's problems, getting a Mach 1

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  1. you're judging me with your own preferences/criterion. yes the mach's nice, but building the machs motor and then supercharging would be waaaaaaay more expensive than selling the mach and buying a terminator...
  2. Your right....Why did you buy the Mach then if you knew u wanted a terminator.
  3. impulse. i didn't know how much i wanted a cobra until i test drove a pullied terminator the other day and realized how easily achievable monster power was with them. while it would be sweet to build the motor of the mach and then supercharge/turbo it, it would be way too much money so i'd rather leave it alone. i do love the looks of the mach, but i like unreasonable amounts of HP a lot more. it's gonna work out, i'm not too worried
  4. Looks like this has become a Mach vs Terminator debate? Get the Mustang that will make you happy and be done with it. However, as a Mach

  5. I too at first regreted not getting a Terminator until i went to a local Stang meet & every other car out there was a pullied or KB'd terminator. There had to be at least 20 of them out there & only about 5 Machs. It made me fall in love with my Mach even more. You just dont see them everyday. I do eventually want a ridiculous amount of power, & I will have it one day, but for now I am happy with what I got.

    I do hope to own a Sonic Blue terminator one day, but its gonna have to share the garage with the Mach because its here to stay.

    Keep in mind also that the Mach is no slouch either....Good luck....
  6. looks like you made your own mix of both. man i like those wheels on that car :nice:
  7. That is a beautiful DSG mach Sal. I was never a big fan of those rims, but they look great on the car. I'm not really in love with the Mach's stock rims, I think they look wimpy, but a set of 10.5s in the back in stock finish would look good, and I absolutely love the way 18" chrome Saleens look on a DSG Mach. One of my big irks with getting a Mach is that I love to tinker and customize, and make my cars all out unique. I'd be hesitant to mess with a Mach too much because of it's rarity, I wouldn't want to kill something so special.

    My GT however, was originally going to see the FRPP roots blower I already bought @ 9 psi, AFM blower cams, Steeda CAI, Accufab TB, Lightning MAF, SCT custom tune, methanol injection, T56 tranny conversion, aluminum driveshaft, 3.73s, Bilstein shocks and struts, possible coil-over suspension to replace my BBK springs, Full length subframes with side exhaust clearance, 4 point roll bar, Steeda upper and lower control arms, Steeda CC plates, Baer big brakes eradispeed kit all around, a catted prochamber, shorty headers, steeda side exhaust, Razzi side skirts for the exhaust, a V6 rear bumper, Steeda race wing with billet winglets, Steeda cobra R style hood, Mach 1 chin and grill delete, Sequential taillights, clear corner headlights, billet interior upgrades, Recaro racing seats with harnesses, tinted windows, and 17x9 ROH snypers with a custom dark chrome metalight finish (one of a kind customs). All of that would give me a very nice, unique looking car with alot more power, handling, and braking than a Mach 1 (Dez Racing told me around 375ish RWHP with those mods and a good tune). I'd be able to go toy with stock terminators with all that. The cost of doing all that would probably be a bit more than the 5kish it will cost me to move into a Mach 1, but I'd have one kickass car. This is why I'm so torn on the situation. Do I want to make my own badass machine, or buy one? Is the max capability of a 2V really limiting what I want to end up with? I'd be more than happy with something in the 400 RWHP neighborhood, which is where I'll be, and I'll have a car I can be sure no one else is driving...
  8. and wrong

    If I sold my mach now....I could get $16-17k out of it. a Cobra runs $24-26k....thats $9-10k difference. I have a budget to forge the bottom end, novi 2000, built tranny, build rear, suspension....which should get me in the high 9's in the 1/4.....for $8k....LESS than it would cost me to sell and get a cobra that would be much slower.
  9. this is what you have to realize:

    its a remake

    a fake

    there will be nothing special about it in 40 isnt original

    rarity is a play on numbers in your head

    in 69/70 over 100,000 mach's were made....they are rare today because they are the original pieces to the puzzle.
  10. Can't say I agree with you there, I think a Mach will hold a higher resale and collector value than a GT down the line, they are a limited production, 2 year run special edition Mustang. As people wreck and kill 'em, they will become very rare. While the concept wasn't original, you can't show me another modern Mustang with that car's package, a DOHC N/A, cobra brakes, shaker, Mach 1 trim, solid rear axle etc...
  11. if i really wanted to sell my mach i could get $20-21k cash for it right now. then i could get the cobra i want for $5k more, already modded, already pushing 500HP. $5k does not equal your $8k budget, and that's an EXTREMELY modest number. a rebuild alone would probably be closer to $8K than a rebuild, supercharger, tranny, and rear together :rlaugh: anyways, i'm gonna stop ruining astronut's thread. mach's are sweet, but what about that cobra you were looking at. is it sold?
  12. uhhh....$1200 for pistons/rods/bearings...$650 to install

    =built forged block capable of 1000hp
  13. OK, ladies, stop hijacking my thread with your pissing contest. Take it to the PMs, or make your own 'modding my mach is better/worse than buying a termi cobra' thread. Thanks.

    And no, the Cobra is still there, but I think I'm gonna stay on my path toward a Mach. I found a nice 03 Azure Blue one with 12K miles, a few nice mods like a Magnaflow catback and Boyd Coddington smoothies for 20k in MD, and I have my dealer looking into it. There's just something about that oldschool look I can't get away from.
  14. Here's a few pics of it:
  15. That Mach looks really sweet. Not a fan of the Mach 1 lettering in the Shaker. I wonder if the previous owner did the chrome snorkel himself, or bought it. I bought mine and paid through the nose, but they look good.
  16. that Mach looks bad ass :nice: get rid of the louvers and lettering in the shaker and you got yourself a nice ass ride :nice:
  17. Actually, the louvers are one of the things drawing me to the car, I love the old school Boss 429 look. The '70 Boss 429 is my all time dream car. The Mach lettering in the Shaker is a nice touch IMO, but I might lose it if I get the car because it looks like it'll block airflow at higher speeds. I'd definitely add a Steeda cold air intake and a chrome C&L intake tube right away under the hood, and an Accufab TB and Lightning MAF with SCT tune down the line. It seems to have C/C plates, so I imagine some suspension work has been done under there.
  18. GREAT sounding car for $20k